Liberal Pastor Says Hell Awaits For GOP Members Supporting AHCA!

Liberal Pastor Says Hell Awaits For GOP Members Supporting AHCA!
A liberal pastor wishes those who supported the GOP's Healthcare Plan to go to Hell.

In a horrendous article penned May 4, a liberal pastor named John Pavlovitz stated he “hopes” there is a hell for the politicians supporting the GOP’s AHCA healthcare plan.

On Monday, he most recently shared it on Twitter.

The title of the piece is “Today, I Hope That There’s A Hell,” and includes the names of Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence.

TheBlaze has more on the story.

Pavlovitz wished hell upon Republican President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan, writing that they “and all those who conspired to perpetrate this horror upon our most vulnerable and most at-risk, might actually come to the humility and repentance and decency that they seem incapable of here.”

He also said that Hell would get “more crowded” after the vote, referring to supporters of the bill.

However, Pavlovitz conceded he was not “proud” of the admission.

Honestly I’m not at all proud of this admission. As a follower of Jesus, I suppose it’s a fairly terrible confession of faith, and that is something I’ll wrestle with and pray through.

But then he decided to double down on his theory anyway.

And so yes, right now I look at this day and this life and this world, and it feels like the bad people are winning, and I want those people to understand how much hurt they are manufacturing. And since they don’t seem to care very much at all, I want to believe that they will one day face their Maker and the mirror and the blood upon their hands.

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Christians are taught to never wish or condemn anyone to Hell. That alone is up for God to decide, for He alone is perfect. It was a concept many of us are taught growing up.

I was not happy when Obamacare got rammed down our throats in 2010.

I was not happy when Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass the bill to know what was in it.

I was not happy when Barack Obama lied numerous times claiming everyone could keep their healthcare if they wanted to.

But one thing I never did was wish any politician or citizen that supported Obamacare to Hell.

And it is an absolute shame to see any pastor, who is supposed to be sharing the Word of God, wishing supporters of the AHCA to eternal damnation.

I also join fellow conservatives who have concerns with this bill as well, but the point is we should be able to hold political differences without wishing anyone to the worst possible place in the afterlife.

Hopefully, this pastor will redirect his anger and have a change of heart.

What do you think about the story? Comment below and let us know.

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