Bloomberg Pledges $15 Million To UN For Paris Accord

Bloomberg Pledges $15 Million To UN For Paris Accord
Bloomberg's plan calls for his foundation to work with other groups, from governments to philanthropies, that want to support the U.N.'s climate change agency.

Former New York Governor Michael Bloomberg is going fill in some of the gap offering $15 million to support the UN and the Paris Accords.

If that’s what he wants to do with his money, go for it. Liberals don’t get it yet. As long as the United States isn’t on the hook for this $1 billion that Barack Obama pledged without approval from Congress, I could care less how they get it.

Let Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the rest of the liberal billionaires give money to if that’s what they believe in, but this country can’t afford that huge chunk of cheese payment and restrictions while China gets to do what they want until 2032.

Source: NPR

“Americans will honor and fulfill the Paris Agreement by leading from the bottom up — and there isn’t anything Washington can do to stop us,” said Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor who now serves as the U.N.’s special envoy on cities and climate change.

“Mayors, governors, and business leaders from both political parties are signing [on to] a statement of support that we will submit to the U.N.,” Bloomberg said, “and together, we will reach the emission reduction goals the U.S. made in Paris in 2015.”

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Dozens of cities have said they are committed to the Paris climate accord, with at least 86 mayors signing a statement saying they will adopt and uphold the agreement’s goals.

Under the Paris accord, the U.S. sent some $1 billion to the Green Climate Fund that is guided by the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change — the body that coordinates international climate policy.

Bloomberg’s plan calls for his foundation to work with other groups, from governments to philanthropies, that want to support the U.N.’s climate change agency.

The UN is tickled pink as they get more money from Americans. They could care less who gives it to them as long as it goes into the fund.

What we have now is an American in Bloomberg who could have built up homes for homeless veterans and families, or sent kids to college, paid their school loans, giving his millions for climate change. A fool and his money will always part.

Do you care if Bloomberg spends his money on the Paris Accord Climate Change Agreements? Share your comments below.

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