EPA Chief Pruitt Explaining Paris Accord Pullout Made Press Look Like Idiots!

EPA Chief Pruitt Explaining Paris Accord Pullout Made Press Look Like Idiots!

This guy here is on top of his game, the press was looking like the idiots they are. Another outstanding pick by President Trump. He certainly has picked a great team.

First of all the interviewer makes numerous false claims and presents them as established fact, but EPA Chief Scott Pruitt really explained it rather well, as did the NYT article he quoted.

What you will view in the video below is the media fight the expert and Scott continue to destroy them like petulant children.

The United States does not control the Earth’s thermostat. Also, even if the Earth were warming, that is not an unmitigated disaster. There are many benefits to a warmer planet including my having a longer tomato season (sarcasm).

The U.S. pulling out of the Paris Accord does not prohibit the continued development of alternative energy. By the reaction of some, you’d think Trump banned renewable energy R&D. The U.S. will fall behind in future potential job growth in this sector? Based on what evidence? Was the free market banned as well? If there is profit to be made; if there is competition to be had, if there is innovation potential; if life-improving advances are to be made, there is no doubt U.S. industries will thrive at the forefront with or without the Paris Accord. The free market does not require the wasteful, heavy hand of government to arrive at the best solutions, quite the contrary.

The press has been indoctrinated with fake climate change information from individuals who have benefitted from reporting it.

If the Paris Accord was so important to the future of mankind, why did Obama enter into to a treaty without having it ratified through Congress?……the way the Constitution requires. It seems a bit irresponsible of Obama that something so important was entered into that could be undone so easily. The left should be directing their anger at Obama for choosing to build his “legacy” on a house of cards. This is one of the reasons we ended up with President Trump–voters grew tired of a lawless Obama acting outside the framework of the republic.

The Earth is 4.5 Billion years old. Climate Constant has never existed, ever. It is human arrogance to expect Earth to be a place of stability and tranquility when it is a rock hurling through space and every day without a meteor wiping us out is a good day. There will be earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, temperatures rising, temperatures lowering, forever and ever until the Sun takes us all out in a supernova. That’s just the stark reality of life in this universe.

Let’s all be honest and clear. This is not about climate. This is about money and power. That’s why the left changed the focus from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” Climate Change is convenient, anything and everything weather related. Yes, I’m sure humans contribute some to climate change. A bigger influence is the sun.

If you are that concerned about climate change unplug your computer and stop driving your car or donate more money to Al Gore. He’ll use it to fix the planet’s issues right after he builds another massive house.

How many of you enjoyed watching Pruitt shame the press? Share your responses below.

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