Trump’s Temporary Travel Freeze Goes To Supreme Court!

Trump’s Temporary Travel Freeze Goes To Supreme Court!
The Department of Justice will bring its defense of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and migrants to the Supreme Court

It’s about time! When the Supreme Court finds for Trump, every judge that was for the ban should be removed from office!

Some see this as a constitutional crisis. The President has the power to restrict who comes into this country and who doesn’t, not to be abridged by the judiciary.

This was where Alan Dershowitz predicted that this would end up because he felt that the lower Courts were unduly biased on this subject because they opposed Trump specifically. Dershowitz predicted that the President will win in the Supreme Court! I hope he is correct.

Source: Daily Caller

The Department of Justice will bring its defense of President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and migrants to the Supreme Court, after the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling barring the order’s enforcement.

This Department of Justice will continue to vigorously defend the power and duty of the Executive Branch to protect the people of this country from danger, and will seek review of this case in the United States Supreme Court,” Sessions said in a statement shortly after the ruling Thursday.

There are several paths by which the ruling could reach the high court. The Department demurred when TheDCNF asked how it planned to proceed.

Time will become a hindrance for the department should it choose to proceed by this approach. The Court sits from early October to the end of June, and is no longer scheduling cases for arguments during this term. Should the Department follow standard cert procedure, the case will not be heard until at least October, and many more months could elapse thereafter before a decision is handed down. This long timeframe is especially detrimental to the government’s case — choosing to pursue a lengthy appeals process could undermine the administration’s argument that the order was motivated by urgent threats to national security.

The department could also file an emergency petition with the Court, asking the justices to stay lower court rulings blocking the order and reinstate it on a temporary basis while the Court decides how to proceed. This request would be submitted to Chief Justice John Roberts, who handles emergency matters arising from the 4th Circuit. Roberts is then likely to refer the petition to the full Court.

And upon reversing the incompetence that led to this point, liberal heads will start to spin uncontrollably while their lips blame that racist make up of the court due to the appointment of Judge Gorsuch. Grab some popcorn ladies and gents, the show’s about to start.

Illegal aliens will soon learn they are not above the law in a country they entered illegally!

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