Former CIA Director Resigns Harvard Post After They Hire Bradley Manning

Former CIA Director Resigns Harvard Post After They Hire Bradley Manning
Former CIA Director said he couldn't be part of an organization "that honors convicted felon and leaker of classified information.

Well, Harvard University has gone and done it this time. With no regard for respect to our military, they hired Bradley Manning as a visiting fellow.

That title alone doesn’t even work for the transgender soldier who sold out the U.S. Government by releasing secrets before he was caught, jailed and then pardoned by Barack Obama.

Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell didn’t accept this hiring by Harvard and resigned his post as he saw it as a huge disrespect to our current military soldiers and veterans.

Is this real life or am I in the twilight zone? When I grew up, you had to do something great to have Harvard notice you! Now, all it seems you have to do is become a traitor and get your junk chopped off! Pathetic

Source: Fox News

Morell, a former CIA deputy director who twice served as acting director, announced his resignation from Harvard’s Belfer Center was a result of Manning’s appointment, saying he couldn’t be part of an organization “that honors convicted felon and leaker of classified information.”

“Senior leaders in our military have stated publicly that the leaks by Ms. Manning put the lives of U.S. soldiers at risk,” Morell said. “I have an obligation in my conscience — and I believe to the country — to stand against any efforts to justify leaks of sensitive national security information.”

Many people were flabbergasted the university gave Manning the title, calling it “unbelievable” that a person convicted of espionage could be considered a “fellow.”

“Of all the veterans who honorably served…Harvard hires Chelsea Manning who was convicted of espionage. Unbelievable,” retired gunnery sergeant Jessie Jane Duff wrote on Twitter.

Once again, Manning dumped 700,000 documents, gets convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison. As a reward, our taxes paid for his sex surgery and Obama feeling sorry for him, let him out after seven years. Harvard now thinks it is a good idea to hire this person to teach. This is insane. Parents save your money. Sending a kid to Harvard is a mistake.

Universities and colleges are working overtime to destroy this nation! We don’t need to fear ISIS we need to fear our politicians and educators/indoctrinators! That speaks volumes for Harvard. Allowing someone to lecture that has no degree or credentials, just a felony conviction.

I admire Mike Morrell for resigning from Harvard in protest of the hiring of Chelsea Manning, convicted of leaking national intelligence information.

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