Hannity Battles Ramos Over DACA, Constitution!

Hannity Battles Ramos Over DACA, Constitution!
Ramos thinks that it's ok for illegals to be here in the United States and he applauds Democrats who entice them to come here. 

Fox News Host Sean Hannity took on Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos over President Trump‘s decision to rescind Barack Obama’s illegal Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Ramos is no stranger to controversy as he was kicked out of a press conference last year as he tried to insert his media influence over the rest of the press corp, badgering then-candidate Donald Trump, over immigration.

President Trump rescinded DACA on Tuesday and liberals went nuts. They lost their bearings after he extended the program for six months and told them to get to work after they had messed up by not keeping Obama accountable when he wrote the illegal executive action giving defacto amnesty to these adults.

Ramos thinks that it’s ok for illegals to be here in the United States and he applauds Democrats who entice them to come here.

Jorge, you have a warm heart. I admire that,” Hannity told him, “But I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this point: we are a nation of laws and we have a Constitution and we have co-equal branches of government.

Ramos responded later in the interview:

“But who’s going to take care of them?” Ramos asked. “Someone has to take care of them and it is our responsibility to do that.

That’s where the breakdown looms. Most of these DACA recipients are adults who can take care of themselves. Ramos acts as if there are thousands upon thousands of kids roaming around here like children of the corn.

So Jorge is afraid of Mexicans going back to Mexico because why? Mexico is full of Mexicans. Jorge says Americans are racists. So why are Mexicans afraid of living with other Mexicans but not scared of living with racist Americans?

Truth on display. Even Rush Limbaugh commented how “Dramacrats and Liberals” basically nonstop drool the “evils” of America and how “bad” America has been and is. They promote how bad we need their policies instituted to make things “fair” and “right.”

You cannot deny this. It is what the Left does.

So Jorge, if America is so bad, why do people from foreign countries, and loudmouths like yourself, promote illegals to come here in droves? Jorge’s realm of thinking and understanding is so warped; I doubt if he can piece it all together for a straight answer.

The left does believe that only they can fix America and that Government is the answer. The right also believes that America needs fixing. But that Government is not the answer. That is the basic difference between us.

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