Defendant Menendez Wants To Adjourn Trial When The Senate Casts Votes; Judge Says NO!

Defendant Menendez Wants To Adjourn Trial When The Senate Casts Votes; Judge Says NO!
Judge William Walls said in his decision filed Friday that he would not "serve as concierge to any party or lawyer." If Menendez wants to be absent, that's on him.

Sen. Robert Menendez is fighting for his political life right now, and it’s not looking good. The bell has tolled for this Democrat legislator, and he’s facing the music for his crimes.

It seems that Menendez wants special treatment because he’s a lawmaker. He wants the court to recess when there are votes he needs to be present for and Judge William Walls said no!

The New Jersey Senator is in court and charged with accepting campaign donations, receiving vacations and lavish gifts in exchange for using his influence to benefit co-defendant Salomon Melgen.

Judge Walls called Menendez’s request “nigh frivolous.”

Source: The Hill

“Defendant Menendez, granted, as are all defendants, with the presumption of innocence, need not appear in court if he does not wish or wants to be absent,” Judge William H. Walls said in his reply to Menedez’s legal team.

“He may voluntarily absent himself. This is his prerogative. All defendants have that right. Such right is not new nor recent. Practically speaking, during any absence his lawyers will be present to maintain his interests. The motion — from a practical perspective — is nigh frivolous,” he continued.

Menendez argued the request was justified by “common sense.”

Prosecutors, in turn argued that “no defendant should receive special treatment based on power or privilege.”

The senator’s attorneys filed a motion on Thursday to adjourn the trial on days when the Senate casts votes.

It doesn’t look like the Senator is off to a great start with this judge. He’s been trying anything and everything to get out of the trial. It has been going on for years as a matter of act.

Amazing for a high profile sitting Democrat to be forced to go to trial like this. Look at Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and others that have broken the law. Remember the Congressman who had $80,000 of ill-gotten money in his freezer. I don’t think they ever charged him and he got re-elected. Al Franken had an illegal election because they needed him to be voted in to pass Obamacare and no one ever was charged.

I hope he gets a severe prison sentence. In fact, I hope the Judge, in this case, uses him as an example to deter the rest.

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