Paul Ryan Changes Tune On DACA To Oppose Trump!!

Paul Ryan Changes Tune On DACA To Oppose Trump!!
Isn't Ryan a Republican? Wisconsin might not have a problem with illegals, but those of us south of the Mason Dixon line are tripping over illegal dreamers! 

Well, it looks like Rep. Paul Ryan just got caught shifting his position to hurt President Trump’s decision to end DACA possibly.

Speaker Paul Ryan has come out against ending former President Obama’s protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children, saying President Trump should not cancel the program and instead let Congress fix it.

Ann Coulter tweeted to Sean Hannity earlier on Friday the transcript of an interview between the two where Ryan called DACA amnesty “unconstitutional.”

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Ryan and Republican leaders want to destroy Trump’s agenda because they were not able to beat him in the GOP primaries or help to push Hillary Clinton over the finish line with their half-hearted decisions to support Trump publicly.

If Ryan believed that keeping “dreamers” here was important, but Barack Obama’s executive order was illegal (clearly unconstitutional per the separation of powers), then he should have led the way to send a bill to the President’s desk well before this point and time. Since he did not, then why is he out there crying about it now?

The timeline for Obama’s illegal DACA program ends 5 Sep 2017. Does Ryan want us to believe this just snuck up on them? Asking President Trump to keep something illegal going longer is not the right answer. It is Congresses job to fix this if they want it to be legal. You have had five years Speaker Ryan.

The only other way to look at this request by Speaker Ryan is that he is trying to make President Trump look like the bad guy.

In the end, Ryan was not elected POTUS to handle these issues. Trump was elected to tell Paul Ryan what to do, and get to work protecting American citizens and enforcing our laws.

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