WH Press Secretary Says No Deal On DACA Yet!

WH Press Secretary Says No Deal On DACA Yet!

Late Wednesday evening, Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly responded to the news by Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi that a deal for DACA recipients had been reached.

Trump supporters were up in arms on Wednesday night when Schumer and Pelosi leaked information there had been an agreement on keeping DACA illegals here in the United States and safe from deportation.

This is what the Associated Press tweeted out at 9:55 PM ET:

White House Press Secretary Huckabee Sanders tweeted this after the internet began sharing the AP news:

Even this announcement by Sanders was met with skepticism:

What do you think is happening in the White House? What’s going on? Did Pelosi and Schumer get out in front to posture on Trump?

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SHARE your opinions below in the comment section. Hopefully, during Thursday’s press conference, things will be cleared up.

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