ABC’s Terry Moran Attacks Conservative Media; They’ll Talk Travel Ban, But No Gun Control!

ABC’s Terry Moran Attacks Conservative Media; They’ll Talk Travel Ban, But No Gun Control!
ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran on Monday slammed “right-wing media” on the heels of the mass shooting in Las Vegas

Because of the likes of Terry Moron is exactly why I never watch ABC news or refer them to you to watch because of their left-wing lunacy.

Terry Moran, ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, tried to politicize the Las Vegas massacre by attacking conservative media in a Jedi mind-trick way. Moran feels we are quick to talk about supporting Trump’s travel ban but less likely ready to jump into a conversation about “gun control.”

It is my opinion that such malevolent comments by a chief correspondent are a pre-requisite for termination. Especially during a time of mourning and grieving as a result of a national tragedy. Just a despicable comment. Extreme personally opinionated, the biased, politicized narrative news is unethical in any journalism venue.

Hey, Terry, most of the time, the so-called right-wing media (3%) waits for all the facts to come out before making asinine assumptions. That’s what the left-wing media (97%) specializes in. They politicize everything because politics is their life’s blood. They could not care less about innocent lives lost if they see an opportunity to score political points. Like attacking the NRA and Trump supporters.

Source: Fox News

ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran on Monday slammed “right-wing media” on the heels of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, saying conservatives will “instantly politicize” acts of terror committed by Muslims but not mass shootings by Americans.

Casting any sense of journalistic objectivity to the wind, Moran took to Twitter on Monday to write, “A Muslim commits an atrocity, right-wing media instantly politicize it: ‘Pass the travel ban!’ US mass shootings—’Don’t talk about guns!’”

This isn’t the first time that ABC News’ Moran has stirred up controversy with his rhetoric. Back in January, the former “Nightline” anchor compared Trump’s inaugural address to Nazi rhetoric when he accused Trump’s “America First” phrase of being a “loaded term.”

“Now, he defined it here as total allegiance to the United States of America,” Moran said during ABC’s live inauguration coverage. “However, it carries with it, overtones from the 1930s, when an anti-Semitic movement saying, ‘We don’t want to get involved in Europe’s war. It’s the Jews’ fault in Germany!’ Charles Lindbergh led them.’ It is a term … the words itself carry very ugly echoes.”

It did not take long did it. You knew this was going to be said. So what does he want, all guns to be confiscated and a ban on private ownership, except of course for people like him. Wealthy liberals and democrats. The ones that yell the loudest about private gun ownership as the run around with armed bodyguards.

Terry, we true American s condemn all acts of violence. Violence is violence, white, black, Christian or Muslim. It’s just that you see everyone and everything as political.

There’s nothing to politicize. No motive is known. The media is foaming at the mouth trying to get one so they can proceed to politicize the hell out of it but in the meantime, they’ll politicize not being able to politicize it

Although we can be honest and remove the clutter, This killer selected a Country and Western music venue that values GOD, FAMILY, and country. And many are conservatives He did not stalk a rap concert. He did not stalk a leftist Barbara Strident concert. Nothing more needs to be said about his motives; He is merely an actor for the left.

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