Lindsey Graham Warns President Trump — “Will Be Holy Hell To Pay” if Mueller Is Dismissed

Lindsey Graham Warns President Trump — “Will Be Holy Hell To Pay” if Mueller Is Dismissed
No politician should ever be afraid of the American legal system working its will

Washington swamp monsters feel they can punk President Trump into making decisions that favor their agenda through threats.

They’ve been doing it for months and many Trump supporters have been watching this go down and do not like it.

Warmonger Sen. Graham who wants Trump to destroy half of the Middle East just warned Trump not to remove Special Counsel Mueller or face Holy Hell. Graham must be hungry. He always blabbers nonsense when he’s hungry. Give him some food and he’ll hush.

Source: Fox News

There “will be holy hell to pay” if Mueller is dismissed, Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told Fox News on Monday, unconcerned about rumblings of the ongoing threat Mueller poses to the president.

Asked to elaborate, Graham continued: “I’ve heard nothing from the White House to suggest that the president’s going to try to replace Mr. Mueller. Zero evidence from anybody I’ve talked to. It would be wrong to do so unless there were cause.”

People familiar with Trump’s thinking told The Associated Press the president has become increasingly concerned that the Mueller probe could be moving to an investigation into his personal dealings.

“No politician should ever be afraid of the American legal system working its will,” Graham told Fox News about many of his colleagues’ refusal to comment on the case.

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Let’s put this into perspective. Barack Obama’s FBI director, using democrat prosecutors and going before a Democrat appointee judge in a witch hunt with no clear guidance or limitations. What could go wrong?

So far, he’s brought an iffy indictment for alleged crimes that occurred under his [Mueller’s] watch during the Obama administration. The real crime appears to be his [Mueller’s] FBI and Obama’s state department covering up the Russian influence on the uranium deal while Hillary Clinton took huge sums of $$$ from the Russians. The problem is that Mueller, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and company appear to be involved in the criminality. Let’s see if Mueller is honest enough to recuse or to pursue the real Russian connections.

America needs to get these swamp dwelling Democrats and Republicans out of office. It seems now more than ever, this is no longer an America of the people and for the people. If the establishment loses the election they have enough insiders to control the DOJ and FBI, not to mention the brainwashing liberal media, to take it back.

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