Judge Jeanine — Is It Dangerous To Be A Trump Supporter?

Judge Jeanine — Is It Dangerous To Be A Trump Supporter?
This monologue had to be made and Judge Jeanine was the perfect Patriot to do it.

Judge Jeanine did a great job breaking down an important topic about the hatred of Trump supporters; this has to be a must-see.

This was a super monologue! I am a military veteran with a large social media following I built up from the ground up. I supported President Trump and lost a lot of friends but gained so much more. I have seen violence against Trump supporters on television even though I have not had any issues with threats of violence for my beliefs and support of backing him. However, I can say with 100 percent clarity, that if someone wants to go there with me, they will regret it.

As I see it, the left has merely lost their alleged minds and have a death wish. I own a magic wand that can grant their wish if they mess with me or mine.

I think their hatred is unjustified and petty. It is like they are willing to overthrow the government to get there way. Trump is controversial and outspoken, but he has good policies and does love America. The left is so wrapped up with their fundamental change to socialism/communism; they can’t see the forest for the trees.

[video_player type=”rumble” id=”u9lbf.v1bkef” ratio=”landscape” credit=”WayneDupreeShow” crediturl=”https://rumble.com/v3xqz9-judge-jeanine-is-it-dangerous-to-be-a-trump-supporter.html”]

It’s not just about stifling free speech through violence! They are advocating civil war! Groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter do not realize they are poking the bear with this continued harassment against those who want to make America great again.

The problem is that it’s going to get to the point where they keep fighting and stabbing Trump supporters and at some point it will stop and people will start defending themselves and if attacked by these idiots sorry to say there will be lives lost and then they will be crying about the Trump supporters defending themselves and they won’t let them beat and stab them anymore. Things will revert to the old west everyone wearing guns and gunfights in the street to defend themselves. That’s why all the Democrats want Guns taken away so people cannot defend themselves from their agenda.

Intolerance is what the school systems with liberal educators have been teaching your children for years. This is where some our kids have gotten their ideologies. It is how they went from prom king and queen to street commandos at places like Berkley. Not that education is the only problem. There is a reason the faces of ANTIFA are covered, and it’s not so that Mom and Dad won’t see them. It’s because they are NOT from this country. They are the reasons Barack Obama needed “open borders.”

No doubt that many of our domestic enemies are hiding behind the skirt of the Democratic Party. Why are we not seeing arrests? Call them out for the Domestic Terrorist that they are. Stop handling them with kid’s gloves!

The pendulum needs to start swinging back at the left. They are producing domestic terrorists, plain and simple. Prosecute them. Any school board that rehires a wacko teacher, their state loses federal funding.

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