Ingraham — Dems To Use Trump Allegations For The Foreseeable Future To Weaken for 2018 Midterms

Ingraham — Dems To Use Trump Allegations For The Foreseeable Future To Weaken for 2018 Midterms
Let's see how fast the Moore accusers go away. My bet is you won't hear another word from them after tomorrow.

Last night in Alabama, the world saw a changing of the guard when dealing with politics.

If you are liberal and you are a card-carrying member of the Democrat Party or at least, you vote with their bloc; you have a huge chance to defeat any Republican as long as they are tainted with allegations or accusations without proof.

Alabama’s Roy Moore reputation was sullied and abused for months under the most outlandish accusations followed by the circus show that is Gloria Allred.

In a way, Laura is correct, Rush Limbaugh and others were predicting this two weeks ago when Democrats dumped Sen.Al Franken and others overboard. They were clearing their deck so they could go after President Trump. Dems never kill their own unless it’s good for the hive. They are of a collected mind, sort of like insects.

“If they’re able to take out a Senate candidate in Alabama with these allegations, as lurid as they were, what does this mean for the umpteen number of Democrats who will inevitably come forward to urge the President to resign? The constant re-airing of the old allegations that were aired last October… and putting all this pressure, Brit, all the way to 2018, midterm elections. The war on women redux.”

More disturbing in this coup d’état against the POTUS is how the nation’s top law enforcement org, the DoJ/FBI has been corrupted and weaponized with slimy holdovers and operatives from the mindboggling corrupt Obama-Banana Republic regime. The DNC is playing a dangerous game that will ultimately blow up in its face like the Islamic-terrorist in NYC this week.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when party platforms become an irrelevance, and most people are cynical about the ability of politicians to achieve anything relevant to ordinary Americans. Politics becomes a sort of white-collar world championship wrestling, where people are only interested in cheering their heroes and booing the villains.

What policy goals did Doug Jones campaign on? Does anyone know? Do they care?

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Well, the people of Alabama who stayed home, just elected a liberal who will push to destroy the National Monuments, the guns you own, he wants to take, and babies he wants to kill up to the day they are born.

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Let’s see how fast the Moore accusers go away. My bet is you won’t hear another word from them after tomorrow. The Democrats are destroying the fabric of this country, and people are blindly allowing it to happen. Congrats to all who didn’t feel the need to vote. Good luck Alabama.

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