Scarborough — Fox News Attacks Against Mueller Could Set Off Violence

Scarborough — Fox News Attacks Against Mueller Could Set Off Violence
People want Mueller gone but Fox News doesn't call the shots on creating violence.

Can you believe the audacity of MSNBC Joe Scarborough bringing up the word violence after the cold case of the intern dying in his office is still in the mouths of social media?

Scarborough was quiet a few weeks ago when President Trump brought up the intern/staffer that died in the MSNBC host congressional office when he was a representative. That led to the Florida lawmaker resigning from office three months later. It’s kind of ironic that a man who had violence happen on his doorsteps would promote it in a fake way.

And let us be very clear. That was set up by Donald Trump’s own administration, his own Justice Department, his own attorney general, his own deputy attorney general. This is called the rule of law. This wasn’t the deep state. This was Donald Trump state. And we’re going to get to this in a little bit. But what they are doing could lead to violence and what they are doing is about as deeply irresponsible than anything I’ve ever seen. And again, for the purposes of this discussion, sends the Republicans even further down in the approval polls.

Nobody is going to do anything to Robert Mueller and for Scarborough to bring it this false narrative is to build on his ratings, which he doesn’t have. People want Mueller gone, but Fox News doesn’t call the shots on creating violence. That’s something liberal news has done the last eight years. They have supported Black Lives Matter which targeted white cops and ANTIFA which targets white conservatives by calling them Nazis and supremacists.

Here’s the video:

[video_player type=”rumble” id=”u9lbf.v1i9df” ratio=”landscape” credit=”WayneDupreeShow” crediturl=””]

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This is why we need accountability on television these days because these hosts get away with everything. They shouldn’t be allowed to smear other networks just because and if they do, they should be removed, suspended or fired.

Americans want the truth or as much of it; we can take. I believe if Americans got too much truth, they would tell those reporting it to stop but we haven’t seen this for decades, if ever.

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