Former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb Fired After ESPN Investigation In Sexual Harassment Claims

Former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb Fired After ESPN Investigation In Sexual Harassment Claims

According to Sports Illustrated, Former Star Quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Donovan McNabb has been fired from ESPN over sexual harassment claims.

A two-month investigation, ESPN concluded McNabb and another NFL analyst employee Eric Davis were responsible for sexual harassment and washed their hands of both by giving them their walking papers.

McNabb and Davis were suspended in October 2017 – when a sexual harassment lawsuit listing each of their names was filed by former NFL Network wardrobe stylist Jami Cantor. Others named in the lawsuit were Hall of Fame players-turned-journalists Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans.

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Since the Los Angeles Superior Court filing, Cantor has submitted an amended complaint (circa December), which reportedly goes into more detail about the acts of harassment

As of now the status of Faulk, Taylor, and Evans is pending. Weinberger’s status is pending as well, but he is now working as the President of Bill Simmons Media Group, and thus a ruling would have less bearing on his future.

dd thought it would. Now that it has happened I’d just like to say, #TryToTellThemButTheyDontListen

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