Google Really Goes Crazy! Lists LaVar Ball As Founder Of The ….. National Basketball Association (NBA)

Google Really Goes Crazy! Lists LaVar Ball As Founder Of The ….. National Basketball Association (NBA)

LaVar Ball is creating a junior basketball league to compete with colleges and plans to pay the talent ten thousand dollars a month, but he’s not the founder of the NBA.

Dr. James Naismith created the game back in 1891 when he was given 14 days to create an indoor game that would provide an “athletic distraction.” It had nothing to do with Ball. Ball has been a distraction on his own by dismissing President Trump attempt to bring his son home from China after a shoplifting incident. He then went on some interviews calling out Trump and sounding off. Then he took his sons out of school and signed them to overseas basketball contracts. Now he has come up with an idea to create a league where he can pull top talent from college to play and get noticed by NBA teams.

Ball is an explosion waiting to happen.

According to ESPN: A single person isn’t given credit for starting the NBA. Lawyer Maurice Podoloff was the first commissioner (1946-1949), and Syracuse Nationals owner Danny Biasone helped popularize the game with the invention of the 24-second clock in 1954. LaVar Ball was born 13 years later in 1967.

Bleacher Report caught this screenshot of Google and tweeted it out on Monday afternoon to show how the search engine that many have used for information might not be that on point.


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