North Korea To U.S. — We’re Ready To Talk Denuclearization

North Korea To U.S. — We’re Ready To Talk Denuclearization
I'll believe it when I see it but how does the U.S. not sit down at the table?

This is bigger than big news and a bombshell many never thought they would hear. I guess you can only eat rice and water for too long before it gets mundane.

Kim Jong Un seems to have worked out a deal with South Korea resulting in promises of not attacking them with nuclear or convention weapons and then meeting with the United States to speak about breaking down their nuclear weapons program if they aren’t targeted for attack anymore.

While this is a step in the right direction, one of the conditions of US would be unrestricted inspections of all suspected nuke sites in NK. The tiny tator will never go for that.

I’ll believe it when I see it but how does the U.S. not sit down at the table? If the Trump administration pulls this off, it’s the biggest political coup of my lifetime. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it happening.

Source: Fox News

The regime said it wouldn’t need to keep its nuclear weapons if military threats against North Korea were resolved, South Korea’s presidential national security director said after meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The North added it was ready to have “heart-to-heart” talks with the U.S. about the regime’s potential denuclearization and normalization between the countries.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in sent a special envoy to meet with Kim on Monday. The two parties held talks during the two-day visit.

North Korea also agreed to hold summit talks in late April, South Korea said.

What perceived threats are Jong-Un worried about? Being paranoid is hardly equal to a military threat. Many individuals will say he is back to buying time. Trump isn’t looking for a war with them, but he sure isn’t going to let the status quo take place while they miniaturize nukes and build better ballistic missiles.

That’s great that these people are now talking and hopefully everything will work out for the better. The question I have is which countries leader is going to step down if the North and South are re-joined? Is Jong-Un going to give up his power and possibly be a target from all of the reported atrocities that took place on his watch?

SOUND OFF in the comment section and tell us if you think Kim Jong-Un is serious about stopping his nuclear program.

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