Police, Secret Service planning to purchase this gadget that unlocks iPhones

Police, Secret Service planning to purchase this gadget that unlocks iPhones
They're in the business is spying on Americans because they don't trust us.

It was only a matter of time before the people who in leadership found a way to break into your phones.

Do you remember a few years ago after a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, local police,  government officials including the FBI and CIA were trying to break into an iPhone belonging to one of the killers and they couldn’t do it?

Well, the powers that be were not resting on their laurels, they decided to do something about it. Now to have a gadget that can open up any iPhone, but is not going to be cheap.

Source: Mashable

GrayKey is a box that measures four by four inches wide, and features two Lightning cables at the front, as per a post by security software company Malwarebytes.

According to Forbes, Grayshift claims the device only works with iOS 10 and 11, with iOS 9 compatibility slated for the future. Devices ranging from the iPhone X to the 6 are supported, as are various iPad models.

There are two variants of GrayKey: The $15,000 version requires internet connectivity, and only allows 300 uses. For $30,000, you can buy a version which works offline, and allows as many unlocks as you want.

The Maryland State Police and Indiana State Police have already bought GrayKey, and the Miami-Dade County Police are planning to purchase it.

The Secret Service reportedly plans to buy half a dozen of them, and the State Department has already snapped up the technology. The Drug Enforcement Agency is also interested.

But I guess you can say game set and match, boys, and girls, to all of you that have iPhones and figured the only device unbreakable to government intrusion would last forever.

When I hear some of our Senators talk about how they want to stop the government from data mining and collecting data from our phones, I shake my head. They’re in the business is spying on Americans because they don’t trust us.

And I think one of the reasons why the government don’t trust Americans and need to know what we are doing at all times is because sooner or later the average American is going to wake up and see that the government has been playing tricks on them for a long time and they will start to mobilize and fight back.

This is just another form of control.

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