RedState NeverTrumper keeps job! Says layoffs had nothing to do with supporting President

RedState NeverTrumper keeps job! Says layoffs had nothing to do with supporting President
OK, Sarah, we get it, you don't like Trump. I don't know who Sarah is trying to convince

Make no mistake about it Sarah Rumpf is a neverTrumper, but she did not lose her job last Friday when had massive layoffs.

Rough doesn’t hide the fact that she is not aligned with Pres. Trump so when she walked in and asked the top heads whether or not the massive layoff was due to lack of support for Pres. Trump, the powers that be responded and said no.

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I don’t believe management would have told Rumpf whether or not they were releasing people based on their non-Trump support anyway. Why would they? It’s their company, and in all reality, the order probably didn’t come from them, but from a higher office who was looking at the numbers and saw that they were way down due to the anti-Trump bias.

Another reason to claim the firings had nothing to do with an anti-Trump bias is so they won’t open themselves up for a First Amendment lawsuit.

Source: Florida Politics

Rumpf and others also took to social media Friday to debunk reports that the layoffs were an “ideological purge” against those opposed to President Donald Trump.

“I just spoke with management and confirmed no new editorial philosophy. Told to keep writing as I have. No new restrictions,” she tweeted, adding, “I am NOT pro-Trump. And I was not fired. Several other writers who were also kept were also Never Trump, or are at least Trump-skeptical.

Rumpf, an Orlando native who lives in Austin, Texas, also writes for Tallahassee-based The Capitolist, published by former Gov. Rick Scott spokesman Brian Burgess.

In response to a later tweet that asked, “So it’s just a coincidence they fired large amounts of exclusively trump-critics?” Rumpf responded, “Again, I would say my record on Trump speaks for itself. I’ve publicly declared I won’t vote for him in 2020 and have criticized him & members of his administration.

“I’ve defended them where warranted too. As have others who were kept. I do not believe this was ideological.”

She doth protest too much.

OK, Sarah, we get it, you don’t like Trump. I don’t know who Sarah is trying to convince but she’s really doubling down how she is no one’s puppet and no one’s going to tell her how to write.

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