New Poll: Close to 70% Believe Economy Upswing Due To Trump

New Poll: Close to 70% Believe Economy Upswing Due To Trump
You can be jealous of it but you can't turn this into a negative. Americans have been waiting for this for years

With numbers like this, if the Presidential election were to be held in November, it would be a landslide.

There’s one thing everybody should know is that you don’t mess with Americans and their money. I don’t take a lot of stock in poll numbers, but this should be tremendous news for all midterm candidates running under the Republican ticket.

The only problem is, they haven’t made up their mind whether or not to run with Trump’s winnings as a few of them aren’t feeling the Commander-in-chief. For those who have decided to support Pres. Trump, they should have easy roads when all is said and done.

You don’t give up the golden goose for the fox, and not many Americans want to hear of Democrats taxing big businesses that will initiate job cuts and welfare. When they look and feel these numbers, voters will be a lot happier and encouraged to keep the machine running.

Source: OANN

A new poll shows an overwhelming number of Americans believe President Trump is playing a positive role in the current state of the economy.

The CBS survey reveals almost 70% of respondents think the president is –either mostly or somewhat– responsible for the current economic climate.

Additionally, around 65% of Americans believe the economy is doing well, compared to under 10% who think it’s doing ‘very poorly.’

This comes as the president has consistently touted record-low numbers in unemployment, an increase in job creation and a booming stock market.

News like this only brings a smile to my face because you can’t fight success. You can be jealous of it, but you can’t turn this into a negative. Americans have been waiting for this for years, and it’s finally upon them, and they are reaping the benefits.

What are your thoughts about the economic boom? Do you think it will help Republicans in the fall during the midterms? Sound off in the comment section below.

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