6-Year-Old Finds Gun In IKEA Couch, Then Pulls The Trigger — Nobody Was Injured!

6-Year-Old Finds Gun In IKEA Couch, Then Pulls The Trigger — Nobody Was Injured!
It's a parent's worst nightmare and thank God things didn't end up too badly with this situation.

A six-year-old just happened to be sitting on a couch at IKEA where he reached inside the coach and found a firearm. He then pulled the trigger.

It seems a customer had sat down on the couch earlier in the day and his firearm dropped out of his pocket and he didn’t notice it. As we support the right to carry firearms and the 2nd amendment, there is no space for accidents like this to happen because responsibility is the number one

Source: CNN

After finding a gun in a sofa at IKEA, a child fired the loaded weapon in the store, prompting an investigation of the incident.

Earlier that day, a customer at the Fishers, Indiana, store sat down on the couch to test it out, police said.

Sgt. Tom Weger with the Fishers Police Department told CNN that “a customer accidentally dropped the gun into a couch and when he got up, he didn’t realize that the gun had fallen off of his person.”

A child found the gun in the couch after he resumed shopping and subsequently fired the gun,” Weger said.

The boy, who is 6 years old, was not hurt, nor was anyone else, Weger said.
Police have “forwarded the information to the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office and they will review the case and decide what charges if any are appropriate,” Weger added.

The store stayed open after the incident, CNN affiliate WTTV reported.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare and thank God things didn’t end up too badly with this situation. Our children are our treasures so we have to protect them first and foremost.

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