He Has Nothing Better To Do Than Burn Blue Line American Flags

He Has Nothing Better To Do Than Burn Blue Line American Flags
The loser drunk probably got in his car and drove off. Hopefully, he didn't kill anyone on the way.

Police are looking for this Winston-Salem man who decided he wanted to burn the blue-line flags that embrace law enforcement.

This man thought he was getting away with arson but little did he know he was being watched. Hopefully, he’s caught as soon as possible. These liberals just don’t understand how much the American flag means to most voters and then add the blue line for law enforcement and it’s double trouble.

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Source: WXII12.com

Authorities are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance video lighting several ‘blue line’ flags on fire outside a Winston-Salem bar Tuesday night.

The incident took place just before 9 p.m. outside of Kelly Days, a bar located at 698 N. Main Street that happens to be a pub for police, first responders and military personnel — and their supporters, according to the pub’s Facebook page.

“Blue line” flags are symbolic to the law enforcement community. The flags have a blue stripe through the middle that represents the police officer and the courage they find deep inside when faced with unbelievable odds. The black background serves as a reminder in honor of fallen officers.

In the video, the man is seen trying to light the flags on fire.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the man in the video is seen pulling the flags down to the ground.

The loser drunk probably got in his car and drove off. Hopefully, he didn’t kill anyone on the way. I’m waiting to see how this plays out, and I wonder what fast food restaurant he’ll get on the way to jail.

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