DHS Sec Says What Happened In 2016 Won’t Happen In 2018 Midterms!

DHS Sec Says What Happened In 2016 Won’t Happen In 2018 Midterms!
Democrats have already signed their party's death certificate with their outspoken social, open borders agenda.

Kirstjen Neilsen is incredible as Secretary of the DHS, and I feel she has done an exemplary job and is trustworthy.

She has integrity and grace, is hard-working, serves an inspiring role model for all women, and I appreciate all that she does to enforce immigration and keep our country safe!

With that said, I do believe the best defense against foreign influence is educated voters. Given the continued support that Maxine Waters receives, I’d say we have much progress to make on this front. Liberals claim Russia meddled in the election because they always do what Facebook tells them to. Kinda gives you an idea of their level of intelligence.

Neilsen says it won’t be that way in 2018.

Source: Fox News

Nielsen made the remarks Saturday while addressing a convention in Philadelphia for states’ secretaries of state.

While she said there was no suggestion that Russia was aiming to interfere with the 2018 elections on the same “scale or scope” as they allegedly did in the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton campaign two years ago, she promised government assistance to help state and local election systems safeguard themselves against cyberattacks.

She said U.S. intelligence officials are seeing “persistent Russian efforts using social media, sympathetic spokespeople and other fronts to sow discord and divisiveness amongst the American people, though not necessarily focused on specific politicians or political campaigns.”

If Trump starts to make progress on the Russian relationship the liberals will have to jump off the George Washington bridge. Stop him shouts Schumer! Stop him shouts Mueller! Stop him shouts the corrupt deep State!

Since when do we blame the hackers for poor cybersecurity by the DNC. The DNC chose to not secure their servers, or have third party security companies run vulnerability testing to find holes in the DNC Network. Instead, once again let’s not blame the DNC, let’s blame everyone but the DNC for their failure to protect their systems. Do you think they only have email? Think again! The DNC didn’t want the FBI looking at their hacked servers because they had other criminal activity.

Now liberals are the ones whining that Trump would not acknowledge that the Russians affected the elections. They called for the abandonment of ICE but stood up against the proposed law to ban it. Logical Americans understand all of this is just an attempt by the Democrats and Socialists to undermine and change the way this country has operated for over 200 years, which has made it the greatest country in the world. I believe a mental illness underlies liberal thinking.

By the way, the Democrats have already signed their party’s death certificate with their outspoken social, open borders agenda. They did a far better job than Russia hacking could have.

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