CNN’s Smerconish Dismisses Obama Russian Accountability — Wants To Speak Unity Now

CNN’s Smerconish Dismisses Obama Russian Accountability — Wants To Speak Unity Now
There is no evidence the Russians meddled in our elections except for fake news constantly telling Americans it happened.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish was asked whether he would hold Barack Obama accountable since intelligence claims Russia hacked our 2016 elections, he decided to have a tantrum.

Don’t you find out hard to watch how a partisan anchor like this has the gall to question where civility went? His whole network is a nest of partisans, constantly stirring the pot. Obama could have stopped this or alerted the American people, and he chose not to.

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So did he answer the question? Will he hold Obama accountable or not? He doesn’t mind looking through a political lens when it suits his purpose, but when the shoe’s on the other foot, all of a sudden he’s all about Unity.

Doesn’t Smerconish know the MSM (especially CNN) has contributed to the division in this country? He is either stupid, unaware or a prevaricator. (Didn’t want to call him an outright liar)

Source: Daily Caller

Smerconish was responding to a tweet from a viewer asking if he would hold former President Obama accountable, since the Russian meddling took place under the Obama administration.

“Here’s what I’m looking for, instead of this going on between liberals and conservatives, Republican and Democrats, what happened to when we were united against a common enemy?” Smerconish asked rhetorically. “This was terrorism. We were the victims of a terror strike and will the commander-in-chief on Monday hold accountable the presumed perpetrator of that terror strike?”

“Stop all the liberal, conservative red state, blue state stuff. Our partisan differences used to end at the water’s edge,” he continued.

Who knows how long the Russians have been doing this, that never gets brought into the discussion. All of a sudden Democrats think everyone is a Russian spy, on Twitter, on Facebook, on social media, everywhere. They were in charge for eight years and now all of a sudden, Russia is the enemy.

Didn’t Obama make the statement right before the 2012 election that you would be crazy to think Russia was meddling in our elections?

There is no evidence the Russians meddled in our elections except for fake news continually telling Americans it happened. We know the DNC server was allegedly hacked, but there is no proof the Russians did it. The DNC wouldn’t let the FBI investigate. What were they hiding? Were they hiding the fact they rigged the primary for Hillary? Or, what other crimes were they hiding?

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