Brennan Changes Story Again — Stands By Claim That Trump’s Behavior Was Treasonous!

Brennan Changes Story Again — Stands By Claim That Trump’s Behavior Was Treasonous!
Brennan is not only a liar and a traitor but he can't be trusted.

On Friday night, former CIA Director John Brennan told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow he didn’t say Pres. Trump committed treason.

Brennan has said; ”I don’t believe I’m political at all.” That statement alone is enough to revoke Brennan’s security clearance. He has lied to the public for so long that he currently has an altered perception of reality.


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Here’s what I don’t understand. Brennan is actively obstructing justice because Special Counsel Robert Mueller is still looking for Trump Russia collusion. I am starting to think Brennan doesn’t want Mueller to have a change of heart and go after the real Russia colluders.

[Brennan After Losing Clearance — I Didn’t Really Say Trump Committed Treason]

Source: Video Transcript

I called his behavior treasonous which is to betray one’s trust and aid and albeit the enemy and I stand very much by that claim.”

“Well, I think these are abnormal times and I think a lot of people have spoken out against what Mr. Trump has done and maybe it’s my warning, training as an intelligence professional. I have seen the lights blinking red in terms of what Mr. Trump has done and is doing and is bringing this country down on the global stage and he’s fueling and feeding divisiveness in our country. He continually lies to the American people.

The type of things that he is doing, I think I need to speak out. So I have been speaking put rather forcefully because I think it is important to do so. I don’t believe I’m being political at all. I am not a Republican. I am not a Democrat. And many members of the Congress over the years who have security clearances have spoken out rather forcefully against whoever was in the Oval Office if they weren’t from the same political party. So now as a private citizen they are telling me that I should not do that? I am sorry, I am just fundamentally disagree with them.”

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