Chicago Shootings Continue — Multiple Wounded!

Chicago Shootings Continue — Multiple Wounded!
When are the NFL players gonna protest for this?

Why don’t people rise to stop this violence? Get rid of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and one more thing, this is a good place for NFL players to protest and get involved!

It doesn’t seem like Chicago’s strict gun laws have helped them at all. Just because it is against the law to rob a bank does not mean a bank robber is going to abide by the law. Same with people who are bound and determined to kill someone with a gun, so laws mean nothing to them.

[Chicago Deploys 600 Officers To Neighborhoods Wracked By Shootings]

Why can’t Dems fix their states/cities instead of trying to force their ‘fixes’ on the entire country? Here’s an idea, bring in Mad Dog Mattice and the Marines. That city will be cleaned up in less than 30 days!

Source: Fox News

Multiple people reportedly suffered gunshot wounds in Chicago on Saturday, the latest in a string of violent encounters in the Windy City.

Since around 6:15 a.m., at least four men have been wounded by gunfire in separate incidents and various neighborhoods, the Chicago Tribune was reporting on Saturday. Among them was a 33-year-old who suffered a leg wound, a 29-year-old shot on his left side, and a 26-year-old who sustained three shooting injuries to his leg, according to the outlet.

Several other shootings have occurred in the city since Friday, leaving multiple people injured and at least two dead, Fox 32 Chicago reported.

The latest shootings follow an exceptionally violent stretch last weekend in Chicago that left some 70 people hurt and 11 others killed.

Why hasn’t the Democrat National Committee demanded an organized March led by Al Sharpton, Rev Jesse Jackson, NFL kneelers, ANTIFA, and their new socialist leaders? Come on Democrat leadership, why aren’t you in Chicago?

I know you are getting a beautiful mega millions dollar Obama library, surely Barry & Michelle can rally together with other Democrat leaders to demand an end to the violence. Barry, these are the people you were going to help with Hope and Change, get with it!

I thought liberals always said that the reason blacks commit so many crimes, is they have no jobs, now with black unemployment at an all-time low, what is their excuse now?

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