CNN Commentator Used N-Word Not Once But Twice With Don Lemon Who Isn’t Phased

CNN Commentator Used N-Word Not Once But Twice With Don Lemon Who Isn’t Phased
It seems that CNN is ok with their guest using the n-word without hesitation

I had to get the video segment in its entirety to see Don Lemon’s reaction and guess what, he didn’t respond to CNN commentator Phil Mudd using the n-word (twice).

On Saturday, I gave my opinion about Mudd cursing at a Trump supporter during his Friday night CNN interview and the network didn’t say anything about it. After doing some research about Mudd, I found that he had a storied history with CNN and I want to know why they keep having him back on.

[video_player type=”rumble” id=”u9lbf.v3mna3″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”waynedupreeshow” crediturl=””]

Mudd’s attempt to use the n-word twice with Lemon on his nightly show rolled off his tongue with disconcerting ease and if you listen, including a southern twang.

Source: Video transcript

“I have seen these conversations that this is economic. So let’s be clear: a white honky from Norway can come here but a black dude from Haiti can’t. What does that tell you in an America that in one generation called you a nigger? What does that tell you, Don?” Mudd asked.

“I can tell you what it tells a honky like me,” Mudd said. “We’re no different than we were a generation ago and we’re learning the same lessons that we learned when we called a Chinese man a slanteye, when we called a man from Guatemala a spic and a wetback, and we called a black man a nigger. That’s what it tells me. We’ve got a ways to learn. But we can step back and say we’re proud because I spoke this on CNN, 30-to-1 the emails I got were saying, ‘You speak for us and we are not from Africa and we are not from Norway. We’re from Italy. We’re from Ireland. We’re from Greece.’ Every single one of them was from a place they would say, ‘Hey, hashtag, I’m one of them.'”

We also didn’t have a welfare state and a Democratic machine looking to create a monolithic voting bloc of those who live on the dole.

It seems that CNN is ok with their guest using the n-word without hesitation. This is why the failing network isn’t worth a piece of crap. They want to go after Pres. Trump for allegations and no proof but they have someone on their network using this word like it’s a regular part of his vocabulary.

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