President Trump Calls Omarosa A Dog After Morning Interview!

President Trump Calls Omarosa A Dog After Morning Interview!
Pres. Trump calling a woman a dog will no doubt cause a lot of problems even though most do not like Omarosa

President Trump watched Omarosa Manigault Newman on CBS News early Tuesday morning and was so angry with how things went down he went to Twitter.

I understand Pres. Trump is angry about Omarosa and I know many Trump supporters will support him by calling her a dog but it’s not right and I don’t agree with. He can win the argument with her easily but lowering himself like this is not going to help the argument.

In a way, he is going to drive support for Omarosa upward if he does this and I don’t mean most of you reading this, I mean a community that wrote her off. They will open their arms and welcome her back if they feel she is being attacked.

[Omarosa Releases New Audio Tape After Pierson Claims Conversation Didn’t Exist]

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Source: Yahoo News

This morning, POTUS called his former White House liaison office communications director a “dog.”

He also described her as a “crazed, crying lowlife” who he gave “a break” and “a job at the White House.” So much for his campaign promise to hire “the best people.”

This morning’s Trump tweet also includes rare praise for White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who Trump thanked for his “good work…for quickly firing that dog.”

This as Omarosa pitched her new book, Unhinged – out today – about Trump and her time at the White House, on CBS This Morning.

Late last night, Trump called Omarosa “wacky’ and “deranged” when he tweeted his thoughts on her march through the various programs of NBC News to plug her book.

The liberal media will run with this like red meat. I hope Trump steps back and starts talking about the economy again and what he did for the military and get off of this. He has surrogates to handle this.

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