Michael Moore SHOCKS Bill Maher’s Audience — Democrats Lost Michigan Because Of Barack Obama

Michael Moore SHOCKS Bill Maher’s Audience — Democrats Lost Michigan Because Of Barack Obama
The reason why the crowd was so quiet is that they knew Moore was speaking the truth.

Michael Moore appeared on the Bill Maher show and did something nobody was expecting.

I won’t say I was shocked by these revelations spoken by Moore, but the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop and the reason? It was all true.

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Thanks for starting the conversation Michael because we agree on Obama being a screw-up. He also ruined this country. The former Commander-in-chief bowed to world leaders and apologized in foreign countries. His lack of support for police enforcement encouraged many to be disobedient and confrontational. He allowed men to use women bathrooms if they felt like being a female at that moment while removing the ban for transsexuals to join the United States Military.

Yes, I agree, Barack Obama set this country on a path Americans thought we needed Donald Trump to help set it back on the right course.

Source: Mediaite

“In the film, I show something that sadly President Obama did by coming to Flint and telling the people the water was okay. It was still poison,” Moore told Bill Maher. “And then he pretended to drink from a glass of water and then said that it wasn’t a stunt. And it was. And it just put a knife in the heart of so many people in Flint who were hoping he would come with the Army Corps of Engineers, dig up these poison pipes, and replace the pipes in the city. And he didn’t do that. And then people gave up and a lot of people stayed home. They didn’t vote for Trump, but they just stayed home.”

“You cannot talk to people who have suffered so much, especially in this town,” Moore added. “Their jobs were eliminated 30 years ago, then the economy was ruined. The pipes were poison. Obama sends the Pentagon in to use Flint as target practice. And for ten days and ten nights in a row fires missiles and bombs into abandoned buildings, troops firing their guns. Nobody was told in advance that they were coming. Everybody thought it was a terrorist attack and the feeling of ‘we’re nobody’ and ‘America has forgotten us,’ We’re still drinking out of bottled water.’ And in this small, little example, you see sometimes how Democrats really screw it up.”

The reason why the crowd was so quiet is that they knew Moore was speaking the truth. Maher didn’t even interrupt Moore because there was no comeback, but I am sure they started talking about Trump to offset all that depression.

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What do you think about Moore’s assessment? What else did Obama destroy? Add your comments to the conversation below.

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