NY Times — We’ve Taken Precautions To Protect WH Senior Official Identity

NY Times — We’ve Taken Precautions To Protect WH Senior Official Identity
You can take all the precautions you think might work but sometimes you slip up. Everybody does.

I understand how the NY Times seems to be hiding the identity of the WH senior official who gave them an op-ed targeting President Trump, but I think they made a mistake.

President Trump wants to use the National Security Agency in trying to find out who leaked the information to the New York Times; I think they just gave away too much information. If they want to track this person down by phone, I think they can do it based on the little hints that were given in an interview with CNN.

As I was reading, the NYT Op-Ed Page Editor Jim Dao claims to have spoken directly to “deep throat,” and that’s where you start. I am sure Dao probably used his cell phone which accepted calls from out of state over the past “few days,” which was explained in the CNN piece.

If the official was using their cell phone that would be too easy, look for incoming calls from DC to Dao’s cell phone.

If it goes a little deeper and the anonymous source used a burner, Dao’s phone would still track a signal coming from out of state, and if the anonymous source was just a little reckless, maybe they could pinpoint the burner phone to an area where there were cameras in the neighborhood of the call.

I am sure NSA could pinpoint DC calls to the NY Times building and easily locate the culprit.

Someone is always watching. You can take all the precautions you think might work, but sometimes you slip up. Everybody does.

Source: CNN Money

Dao said it happened “several days ago,” declining to be more specific.

Many officials within the administration can be considered “senior,” even if they do not work in the West Wing or interact directly with Trump.

Dao declined to characterize just how “senior” the whistleblower is. He said the Times did speak to the author directly, but wouldn’t say how so.

“We were simply trying to abide by the standard that the Times in general would use when referring to someone who’s not named,” he said.

Dao reports to editorial page editor James Bennet, who in turn reports to the Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger. The opinion section is separate from the newsroom.

Dao said there are only a “very small number of people within the Times who know this person’s identity,” but he declined to name them.

He said “we have taken a number of special precautions to protect the person’s identity.”

How many of you think my theory might work?

What’s funny is that this bizarre episode that the NYT has promoted seems only to confirm Trump’s accusations about the existence of a “Deep State,” within the government, hostile to the President.

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