Friend “Chad” Never Saw Kavanaugh Passed Out But Saw Him Drunk — But Says He Lying

Friend “Chad” Never Saw Kavanaugh Passed Out But Saw Him Drunk — But Says He Lying
Did anyone ask about the drinking and partying of Elena Kagan or Sotomayor? Or any previous Supreme Court nominee?

Chad Ludington seems like he has an ax to grind with his old college buddy, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh’s college school friend told the media that he never saw his friend passed out, but, he is accusing Kavanaugh of lying about not blacking out. What the hell is going on here?

Judge Kavanaugh has already admitted to getting during his younger days. He didn’t hide it from the press or the Senate Judiciary Committee. For the most part, a lot of teens got drunk in high school if you were in church 24/7 due to strict parents, though I digress. Believe it or not, a lot of kids get drunk in college. It’s almost like the media is acting like this doesn’t happen.

Reporter: What specifically did you he testify to that you believe is a lie?

Ludington: I have seen Brett drunk to the point he could easily be passed out.

Reporter: But you never saw him passed out?

Ludington: No. I never saw him passed out. But I saw him quite drunk. He saw me quite drunk.

If you want to get more into the topic, this crazy stuff happened decades ago. As you grow older, the memory goes, everyone knows this. Memories do not get better with age, and if so, you need to bottle that up and sell it in a mass market.

I guess the question should arise, who is paying Chad to perform is “civic duty.”

As we have seen, Democrats have failed at every opportunity to stop Cavanaugh’s nomination. So now what  Democrats are trying to do, is on some freakish technicality, that he allegedly passed out when he claimed that he did not pass out, is going to stop him from becoming a Supreme Court judge?

That’s basically what this statement is all about, and it’s ridiculous.

[video_player type=”rumble” id=”u9lbf.v3vz93″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”waynedupreeshow” crediturl=””]

As a side issue to the Kavanaugh circus, I have wondered why, why is it, that we are going back to high school and college to dig up dirt on someone? Does drinking in college disqualify someone from being on the Supreme Court decades later? Why is any of this even being discussed?

Did anyone ask about the drinking and partying of Elena Kagan or Sotomayor? Or any previous Supreme Court nominee? Is this going to be a new permanent low bar, that we can and should go back to high school in evaluating someone chosen for senior positions? Is this a new norm? Or do we go back to high school for conservatives, Republicans? What are the new liberal rules they appear to be imposing on the process?

We currently have a sitting Justice — Ruth Bader Ginsburg — who admittedly was drunk on wine and passing out at a State Of The Union, yet suddenly we’re going all puritan on the long-ago drinking habits of a college student?

The world is unfortunately filled with jealous, small, petty people who would seize upon an opportunity to damage a rival while disparaging an ideology they disagree with unprovable allegations and you saw one in the video above.

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