President Trump — Elizabeth Warren Should Apologize To America!

President Trump — Elizabeth Warren Should Apologize To America!
The lunatic left love to scream about cultural appropriation but will say nothing about this ridiculous claim of Warren's.

The Boston Globe dropped a story about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results on Monday, and that took up the entire news cycle.

Warren has claimed Native American Heritage without proof except for the ‘high cheekbones her mom told her came from American Indian in her family. Way to go Boston Globe, proving that she has half as much Native American blood as the average American. Are you tired of all the winning yet?

She claimed to be Native American, the first Native American woman to have tenure. The stories she told were about her grandmother who is far from her DNA possibly maybe having native American blood from 10 generations ago. She exposed herself as a flimflammer and liar.

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Note to Republicans, start asking for specifics and facts when a reporter asks you a gotcha question. Refuse to answer until they have numbers.

Love the part where Trump asks her the percentage, and she says doesn’t know, you all know the reporter knew so obviously she looks like she is hiding lying or she is an incredibly inept reporter.

Source: Mediaite

President Donald Trump took questions from reporters while in Georgia this afternoon surveying the damage from Hurricane Michael.

And he was asked again for his reaction to Elizabeth Warren––whom he has insulted as “Pocahontas” multiple times––releasing her DNA test today.

One reporter asked the President if he owes her an apology. Trump responded, “She owes the country an apology. What’s the percentage? 1/1000?”

Trump was also asked about the money he offered to Warren to prove Native American heritage and he said this:

“You mean, if she gets the nomination, in a debate, where I was gonna have her tested? I’ll only do it if I can test her personally, okay? That will not be something I enjoy doing either.”

The same test would prove that the average white person in America has more than double the percentage of Native American DNA as Warren. So we’re all Native Americans then? Is this broadly what it means to be Native American? Do all white people then deserve minority spots at universities? Do we count toward minority hires?

No? Well, then basically Warren is not Native American either.

One of the main issues being overlooked is how Warren used her Native American claim to advance herself academically and professionally, but by her DNA proof, she is no more Native American than most college applicants.

If you agree with what she did you also have to be OK with the prospect of every college applicants using the Native American card from now on to gain college admission rendering it meaningless.

Warren did not prove anything. Ask a Native American what they think about her cultural appropriation.

The lunatic left love to scream about cultural appropriation but will say nothing about this ridiculous claim of Warren’s. Their team members always get a pass, like Rep. Keith Ellison. They tried to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh and said nothing about their boy as he’s trying to win the Attorney General seat in Minnesota. They are nothing but hypocrites and the more they do this, closer to the midterms, the more they will lose on-the-fence voters.

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