Report: GA Democrat Party Alleges THOUSANDS Of Early Votes Are Uncounted For

Report: GA Democrat Party Alleges THOUSANDS Of Early Votes Are Uncounted For
This is another part of the nation-wide theft of our democracy.

How is it, ballots mysteriously turn up days later, and these votes always add to the Democrats vote count, never the Republican?

The Georgia Democrat Party is calling out Brian Kemp, former Secretary of State, for not counting “new’ absentee votes that allegedly number in the thousands.  They are also using the term “votes not accounted for.”

It should be mandatory that states be able to show and implement a tracking system for every single box. If a chain of evidence for the tracking of that box cannot be shown it should, as a minimum, it should be set aside for official representatives of both sides to confirm or disallow it. If both sides do not agree on its fate then it to be kept under lock and key until a judge (if necessary) can make a ruling on it. It is so easy to track and secure things nowadays that processes and procedures and consequences for not following them must be updated.

Does this just go on forever? Isn’t there some end date?

Georgia will have a runoff if the leading candidate gets less than 50%. They are hoping that these new votes get Kemp under 50%, to trigger the runoff election. The Democrats always depend on absentee ballots to win. I bet they were up all night in the Atlanta precincts filling out absentee ballots with just one candidate selected. Guess who?

There is a libertarian and other assorted minor candidates who got votes. As of now, Kemp is barely over 50%.

Source: Washington Examiner

The Democratic Party of Georgia tweeted Saturday evening that a “handful” of Georgia counties reported thousands of “new” absentee, early, and Election Day votes not accounted for by Republican candidate Brian Kemp.

Kemp, who resigned as secretary of state on Thursday, has asserted victory even though the race has not been called and Abrams has yet to concede.

The latest vote tally on the Georgia secretary of state’s website shows Kemp leading by more than a percentage point. Kemp had 1,975,806 votes to Abrams’ 1,916,931 — a margin of 58,875 votes — leading 50.28 percent to Abrams’ 48.78 percent. The Libertarian candidate, Ted Metz, had a mere 37,149 votes and 0.95 percent of the vote.

Earlier in the day, Kemp’s campaign argued that it was “mathematically impossible” for Abrams to pull ahead or get close enough to trigger a recount, even with the remaining uncounted provisional and military ballots.

According to WAOW; “Democrat Stacey Abrams’ campaign went to federal court Sunday asking a judge to delay vote certifications by one day until Wednesday. It also asks a judge to require that officials count any votes that were rejected improperly. The suit points to alleged problems with provisional and absentee votes in populous DeKalb and Gwinnett counties in metro Atlanta.”

In the long run, this likely not going to end very well for this woman and the Democrats. This likely does not have a very good optic outside of her rabid, staunch supporters. And if she were to take office, she will do so under this very negative cloud to a lot of people, and that plus whatever she’d do in that office is likely going to motivate that many more people to come out against her next time. Maybe a tad wishful thinking on my part, but hopefully at least some reasonableness to it.

This is another part of the nation-wide theft of our democracy. If Democrats get away with this, they render meaningless the ballot box. In all of these cases, the GOP needs to fight as if their lives and the USA’s future depended on it because it does.

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