Even Though Situation In Florida Is Tense, This Was Uncalled For!

Even Though Situation In Florida Is Tense, This Was Uncalled For!
If Republicans want to reach out and bring in more minorities, this is not the way to do it.

If you are a frequent visitor to this website then you know I have no problem with calling out both sides of the political aisle.

The woman in the video below doesn’t represent the Republican Party and I am sure you will agree with me.

Florida voters are going through a rough time right now as the Democratic leaders are trying to steal two elected seats won by Republicans this past Tuesday. The 2018 Midterms saw Republican Governor Rick Scott defeat Democrat Sen. Bob Nelson and retiring Republican House Rep. Ron DeSantis defeat Tallahassee Democrat Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Protesters are out in large numbers for each side showing their loyalty to their parties as a looming recount for both races are on the horizon. When speaking about Democrats and their protests, you know what is coming and by that, I mean racist language and a lot of allegations and shouting. However, I never thought I would see that from our side.

Why am I seeing Republican voters using racist language against Democrats? That makes no sense. This video shows the worst of the bunch.

[video_player type=”rumble” id=”u9lbf.v4392o” ratio=”landscape” credit=”waynedupreeshow” crediturl=”https://rumble.com/v6pfi8-even-though-situation-in-florida-is-tense-this-was-uncalled-for.html”]

Republicans and conservatives enjoy when I call out the hateful acts of Democrats and the racist tactics against our side, but when I call out our side for acting like them, nobody ever wants to share or face the truth - both sides are unhinged at times.

What I did not like or condone in this video is when the protester claimed Blacks only vote for black candidates. That statement in itself is not true.  Black Democrat voters did not vote in a bloc for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when they ran for president. In my lifetime, Black Democratic voters have voted for white candidates and have just started supporting black candidates in a larger sense. Let’s remember, black voters largely voted for Bill Clinton and Al Gore who were white.

The statement was ugly and should not have been said but this woman felt comfortable toward the end of the video to continue to speak.

I would beg to say, she doesn’t represent the Republican Party that I know and I am sure you agree with me.

Lastly, you can’t win the minority vote when you act like them. And most importantly, Blacks Americans are not one issue voters. They do have a brain and they do think. One thing will not have them leaving the Democrats in droves, and the only way you can know what is important to them, you have to have dialogue. Black voters barely are supporting Democrats right now, which is why that political party is running after Latino and illegals.


If Republicans want to reach out and bring in more minorities, this is not the way to do it. Stop falling into the trap of labeling them and start talking. Throw away your defeatist attitude that they won’t listen. Some will and some won’t. You can’t change the world in a day but you can start on any given day.

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