KTLA Reporter Challenged By Crowd; Claims Murders Of Two Black Men Not About Race

KTLA Reporter Challenged By Crowd; Claims Murders Of Two Black Men Not About Race
Two people are dead at the hands of a major Democratic Party donor and the news has glossed over this death

A lot of you heard about two black men found dead at West Hollywood resident Ed Buck house, a major Democratic Party donor.

Now I won’t make this about sexual orientation because that isn’t what this story is about. Protesters are angry this story is not getting more national coverage, and they blame race as the reason for the silence.

This seemingly “untouchable” man killed two black men, and the media keeps talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being stupid. I understand their anger, and it makes me angry to see the national opposition media networks turn their backs on this story, even Fox News.

KTLA reporter Kacey Montoya snapped back at activists over their choice to use race as a reason why the story wasn’t receiving national coverage.

After a second black man was found dead of a drug overdose in the home of wealthy, white Democratic donor and West Hollywood resident Ed Buck, activists showed up in front of his apartment building to protest what they see as the protection of white privilege which prevents Buck from being arrested in connection with the deaths.

Buck, 64, is a gay man who is rumored to be in the business of offering young black men money for their company. Prior to his death in Buck’s apartment in July 2017, Gemmel Moore told friends and wrote in his diary that Buck had a penchant for drugging young black men in his home.

“Kacey Montoya started arguing with a lot of the people outside. The attention shifted to her and she just wouldn’t let it go,” Cannick said. “There was a lot of back and forth between her and the people in the crowd.” (The Root reached out to KTLA to get a response from Montoya and will update if they do.)

When activists confronted Montoya about her statements and told her that it wasn’t her turn to speak when black people were advocating for black lives, she became more upset.

Watch it unfold here:

[video_player type=”rumble” id=”u9lbf.v4eqwq” ratio=”landscape” credit=”waynedupreeshow” crediturl=”https://rumble.com/v70xca-ktla-reporter-challenged-by-crowd-claims-murders-of-two-black-men-not-about.html”]

Unless blacks are being harmed by police, it seems the opposition media including Fox News doesn’t think this story is big time. How could you not? Two people are dead at the hands of a major Democratic Party donor, and the news has glossed over this death and moved on to attacking Pres. Trump.

This reminds me of another situation where social media made a huge noise about Seth Rich, a former DNC staffer killed in Washington, DC and the media didn’t cover that story too much. Maybe it’s not a major story to the networks, but to many people across America, they want justice for the death of these two young men.

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