Rosenstein Set To Step Down When New AG Confirmed

Rosenstein Set To Step Down When New AG Confirmed
He and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and those names above have buried, destroyed or altered all the evidence.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has more lives than a roach surviving five extinction level events but I can see him leaving with a new Attorney General is confirmed.

Knew it was a matter of time before the doorknob found him.

A report has announced Rosenstein would be leaving his office as soon as Trump’s nomination is confirmed to take over the Attorney General seat. Rosenstein has been at the bottom of a lot of misinformation and baits and switches when his boss, the former AG Jeff Sessions recused himself of duties because of the alleged Russian collusion investigation.

Rosenstein was to have allegedly told an audience that Pres. Trump needed to be wired up and monitored which he claims were not true. Watching Rosenstein testify before Congress allowed me to see a weak man exhibiting arrogance and nervousness all during the same sitting. He’s no good in my opinion.

CNN’s Laura Jarrett reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be leaving the Department of Justice as soon as William Barr gets confirmed as Attorney General. Rosenstein is a key figure in the investigation into possible collusion and conspiracy between Russia intelligence officials and the Trump campaign led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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Rosenstein oversaw the Mueller investigation after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from overseeing an investigation into a campaign in which he played an active part. After an embattled turn in that role, Sessions stepped down at the end of last year and was replaced temporarily by Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General.

Trump nominated former Attorney General William Barr, who served during the Bush administration, to oversee the Department of Justice as AG under Trump. Confirmation hearings are set for next week, after which (presuming he is confirmed as expected) Rosenstein will leave the Department of Justice and Barr will ostensibly oversee the Mueller investigation that is nearing its second year looking into alleged malfeasance by the Trump campaign.

Source: Mediaite

He should have been fired the moment he ordered a special prosecutor for Trump but gave his cronies James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Loretta Lynch a pass.

He and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and those names above have buried, destroyed or altered all the evidence. They’ve changed the 301s, they’ve erased the phones, they’ve fixed the requests for the taps, etc. Lord knows, thanks to Sessions, they’ve had all the time they’ve needed to do this. The trail is cold now.

To some people, this means that the deep state has everything they can get from the DOJ and that Rosenstein is no longer a needed asset. Their tracks have been covered, and the conspiracy has been maximally deployed. What do you think?

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