Don Trump Jr.: ‘It Was Difficult to Watch’ What They Did ‘to My Father for Two Years’

Don Trump Jr.: ‘It Was Difficult to Watch’ What They Did ‘to My Father for Two Years’
President's son tells Tucker Carlson of Fox News why Democrats didn't talk policy for two years

By Maureen Mackey | March 25, 2019

Speaking to host Tucker Carlson of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday night, Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest child, said that throughout the presidential campaign of 2016, he was “actually in the room” much of the time. “So I understand everything that went into it. I realize we didn’t do anything wrong,” he added. “[And] certainly when you look at what the other side was doing, you realize that it was them in fact, colluding — not us.”

Attorney General Bill Barr on Sunday shared a summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report — which found no evidence, after nearly two years of investigation, of any collusion between President Donald Trump or his associates and the Russian government during the 2016 election season.

“We were functioning like any campaign would, and that’s what we did,” said Trump Jr. “So it [the entire Mueller investigation for nearly two years] was difficult to watch. It was difficult to watch what they’re trying to do and have been trying to do to my father for two years. And it’s really the Democrats with their media lackeys creating a narrative that they want to be true, because they couldn’t explain the outcome of the last election.”

Speaking in his characteristic direct style, Trump Jr. also said, “My father won. He was able to speak to the American people. He’s been able to move the needle for them in a way that [former President] Barack Obama couldn’t come close to doing. But by the way, it’s not just a partisan issue. [George W.] Bush couldn’t have done it, either. My father’s done incredible things. He’s done things for working-class Americans. You have all-time-low African-American unemployment. All-time-low Hispanic unemployment. All-time-low female unemployment. And he’s doing that with this bubble around him for two years. Think of what he could do without that noise.”

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Carlson pointed out that through all of that, “No one was talking about the details of any policy … Why not have a conventional political debate?”

“Because the Democrats can’t win with their ideas,” replied Trump Jr. “With the issues and the things that they want to push, they don’t work … They tried under Obama. They’re trying to do that with the Green New Deal. The only problem is we don’t exactly have $93 trillion to spend to say you’re going to take a bus to Hawaii. That doesn’t work.”

He added, “Their ideas do not work and they recognize that. So the way to try to combat that is to demonize a guy who’s getting it done with ideas that they can’t stand. And that’s why my father’s been doing, Tucker. He’s been doing it day in and day out.”

“Their ideas do not work and they recognize that.”

Trump Jr. also pointed out that as part of cooperating with various inquiries, he himself “did 27-something hours of testimony in front of congressional committees. And you know what happens? You go in the meeting, [and] at the end of [the] seven-hour testimony, [you ask], ‘Guys, do you have any more questions?’ … ‘No, we have none.’ [Then some of the Democrat senators] go outside on the steps of Congress 30 seconds later, hold a press conference, [and say], ‘There are many questions that were not answered.'”

Added Trump Jr., “It’s nonsense, Tucker. It’s all game. And you’ve got the leader of the tin foil hat brigade, [Rep.] Adam Schiff [of California], out there every day talking about the evidence of collusion that he’s seen. He’s flagrantly lying to the American people. He’s doing it every day on national television.”

He also said, “I’m a patriot true and true. I love this country. I love everything that it stands for.”

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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