Paratroopers Rendition Of National Anthem At NASCAR Event Is EPIC!!

Paratroopers Rendition Of National Anthem At NASCAR Event Is EPIC!!
When angelic voices like this sing the National Anthem, all you have left is sit back and allow it to manifest

There’s not too much to say about this but hold your hats and stand in unison.

Paratroopers from America’s Guard of Honor sang the National Anthem at a NASCAR Motor Speedway event in Daytona on Sunday, and they sounded like an angelic choir. Not only did they do a superb job, but the pass over of the jets also made the entire song complete.

NASCAR gave our boys and girls the opportunity, and they delivered. There was no kneeling protests or any ridiculous apologies. The 82nd Airborne Division is awesome, just awesome!

[video_player type=”jwplay” id=”qIBBwPEA” playerid=”UhE9s077″ ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

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