April 8 – Today’s Top 5 Non-Political Stories You Need To Know About

April 8 – Today’s Top 5 Non-Political Stories You Need To Know About
Here are a few headlines across America that are not political so enjoy and share.

1. Security Services Rescue Kidnapped U.S. Citizen

This hasn’t been on the radar of many websites but I found it and thought I would share it with my readers:

According to government officials, Kimberly Endicott and her local guide were found on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As for how they got there, apparently, there was a “negotiated release” that did include paying up – no word on who shelled out the cash or how much was actually paid, but Endicott and Jean Paul Mirenge are safe and according to reports in good health. A spokesman for the Uganda government has said via Twitter that the kidnappers have escaped and remain at large. [710 WOR]

2. Hurricane Names For 2019 Released:

Coming off two especially active hurricane seasons, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released 21 potential storm names on Wednesday ahead of 2019’s season, set to begin June 1.

Though the official season will run through November, the peak season for hurricanes in the U.S. is often mid-August to mid-October. Last year, the Atlantic hurricane season had 15 named storms, with eight strong enough to be classified as hurricanes. Although it wasn’t as active as the 2017 season — which produced 17 named storms with 10 hurricanes — the 2018 season was memorable for the widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. [Tampa Bay]

3. American Airlines Extends Flight Cancellations Into June Due To 737 Max Grounding

American Airlines is canceling flights into early June due to the continued grounding of the Boeing 737 Max, a move that will impact 90 flights a day.

The airline previously had canceled 90 daily flights through April 24 to account for the temporary loss of its 24 Max 8s. The Federal Aviation Administration grounded the planes on March 13 because the latest model of Boeing’s workhorse 737 was involved in two fatal crashes in less than five months.

American said proactively canceling flights through June 5 will give the airline time and more flight choices to rebook affected passengers, reducing last-minute flight cancellations. American has 6,700 daily flights. [USAToday]

4. Illinois Governor Signs Law Raising Tobacco Age

In a press release, the governor said in part…

“Today is a milestone day for the health of our communities and especially our young people…For Illinois, it will reduce costs for our state, it will make our schools and communities healthier places to learn and live, and – most importantly – it will save lives. I am so proud to sign this legislation today.”
The new ‘Tobacco 21’ law raises the buying age for both tobacco and vaping products, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and vapes.

The new law takes effect July 1. [WREX]

5. Oregon college students busted for $900K iPhone scam

The swindle revolved around bogus claims that the phones couldn’t be turned on, CNBC reported.

Federal prosecutors allege Quan Jiang and Yangyang Zhou imported more than 2,000 fugazy iPhones from “an associate” in China and then submitted them to Apple for repair under the company’s warranty program, the report said.

When Apple sent the replacements, the students shipped them back to China for resale. The unnamed “associate” fed Jiang’s mother in China a portion of the profits, which she deposited into a bank account that Jiang could access from the US, the report said. [NY Post]



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