Rep. Ilhan Omar — Conservative People Of Faith’s Concern For Unborn Babies Is Not Genuine

Rep. Ilhan Omar — Conservative People Of Faith’s Concern For Unborn Babies Is Not Genuine
This is a textbook case of "Taqiyya." Islam encourages this "sacred deception" to further the spread of Islam.

So let me get this straight. Nobody on the right side of the argument is allowed to question Rep. Ilhan Omar about her allegiance to the United States, but she is allowed to create a narrative calling people of faith, here in America, hypocrites for not being serious about unborn babies?

Most Americans missed this Wednesday rant by Omar, but she took her allotted time to disparage Christian conservatives and their feelings on abortion and the saving of unborn babies and hammered it with untruths.

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What more Americans must realize is that the left is always accusing the right of what they are doing, which most of us label as “projection.” So really it’s more like the left are acting as they care about life and the left are the true hypocrites in this situation.

So many logical fallacies strung together! Where to begin? Genetic fallacy? Straw man fallacy? Ad hominem fallacy (several forms)? Psychological projection? Appeal to authority fallacy? Appeal to popular consensus fallacy? Pathological lying? Gas-lighting? Demagoguery?

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Seriously, I don’t think any single sentence of this diatribe does not contain at least two distinct fallacious notions. It’s as though she carefully crafted the most absurd caricature of bloodthirsty, demonic pro-aborts she could conceive and then turned it up to 11. One has to wonder if Omar is black-face Andy Kaufman back from the dead.

I am pretty sure Omar doesn’t know any religious conservatives to come to this conclusion, what do you think? If she did, she would know that we don’t sit on our hands waiting for the government to solve problems (as if that were possible). We take personal responsibility and volunteer at homeless shelters, teach ESL classes, work at crisis pregnancy centers, help parolees find jobs, and I could go on.

According to the Gellar Report, “Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws to impose their beliefs on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of American women.” Says the woman who would be executed in her home country for not wearing the hijab.

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Islam is supposedly against abortion, but here we have a Muslim woman speaking out in favor of it. I guess this is part of the doctrine of Islam, where it’s ok to violate the tenants of Islam as long as your ultimate goal is to further the interests of Islam eventually. I’m curious what her Imam’s position is on this matter.

This is a textbook case of “Taqiyya.” Islam encourages this “sacred deception” to further the spread of Islam. In Islam, an adulteress cannot be stoned to death if she is pregnant. You must wait until she has delivered the child before she can be killed. Explain that, Ms. Omar?

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