Twitter Permanently Bans Trump Antagonists — Krassenstein Brothers!!

Twitter Permanently Bans Trump Antagonists — Krassenstein Brothers!!
It took two years for them to be "found" out. Can you say "sacrificial lambs"?

According to a Twitter spokesperson, “The Twitter Rules to apply to everyone. Operating multiple fake accounts and purchasing account interactions are strictly prohibited. Engaging in these behaviors will result in permanent suspension from the service.”

That’s the reason for the removal of Ed and Brian Krassenstein. Two evil young men that spent ALL of their time responding to President Trump’s tweets and also attacking those who support the Commander-in-chief. Their reign of terror was legendary and I am sure they were responsible for some conservatives getting banned for responding to their hateful language.

Both brothers had a huge number of followers; 926,000 and 698,000 respectively and now they’ve been permanently removed.

The brothers responded to Twitter’s claim that they broke the rules to magnify their profiles on the platform and boost content.

“Twitter claims that we manipulated our interactions through the purchase of fake accounts and fake interactions. We have never once acquired anything for the purpose of increasing our Twitter presence,” the brothers said in a statement Thursday. “In fact, we avoided using any platforms residing outside of Twitter’s own technology to manage our accounts for fear we would be accused of using automated tools, which we have avoided since launching our accounts.”

The pair admitted to operating secondary accounts, but said it was for business purposes and to monitor threats against themselves. They said they were confident Twitter would conclude the suspension was given wrongfully. [Washington Examiner]

Merely a token sacrifice to make themselves look like they are cracking down on extremists, but they shut down on conservatives far more than their leftist buddies. I always referred to them as the Targaryen’s of Twitter. Always piggybacking off each other as if in some incestuous relationship.

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