Wells Fargo and TD Bank Gave Trump’s Personal Financial Records to Congress

Wells Fargo and TD Bank Gave Trump’s Personal Financial Records to Congress
Maxine Waters leads one of the committees ravenous for files

By PoliZette Staff | May 25, 2019

Wells Fargo and TD Bank have turned over President Donald Trump’s financial records to the House Financial Services Committee.

The action comes amid a legal struggle between the Trump administration and congressional Democrats who are seeking access to sensitive files about the president’s financial records and dealings.

Led by Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), that committee is just one of several panels that have issued subpoenas and requests for Trump’s financial files.

Wells Fargo turned over a few thousand documents to the committee, as NBC News first reported, while TD Bank provided a handful.

But that’t not all.

Those banks are just two of the nine financial institutions — yes, nine — from which congressional Democrats want cooperation.

And that demand has led to a growing legal battle on many fronts.

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This past Wednesday, a federal judge in New York ruled that two other banks, Deutsche Bank and Capital One, were required to comply with congressional subpoenas seeking access to Trump’s financial records.

The House Financial Services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee both have requested the documents from Deutsche Bank and Capital One in their investigations of possible “foreign influence in the U.S. political process,” as Fox News noted.

In addition to all of that, the House Ways and Means Committee wants the president’s tax returns — and has issued subpoenas for the files. (For more detail on the back-and-forth over the financial records, see here.)

The release by Wells Faro and TD Bank of the president’s financial records has led to outrage by many conservatives and others, who feel it’s a gross overreach.

“What country are we living in now?” said radio host Wayne Dupree, a member of Project 21, a black leadership network, as well as a regular contributor to The Political Insider, Headline Politics, Townhall.com, NewsmaxTV and the One America News Network. “How many more liberties will be trampled in the name of trying to find something, anything, on Trump?”

See these tweets, among many others:


Speaking on CNN a few days ago, Maxine Waters declared to Anderson Cooper: “We want to know about personal and about company finances. We want to know who he [Trump] owes money to. We want to know whether or not he had the kinds of assets that he claimed that he had in order to get money.”

“We really want to find out from Deutsche Bank why Deutsche Bank is the only major financial institution that will lend him money despite the fact [that] he had sued them at one point and nobody else, no other banks, trusted him because of the way he conducts business.”

See these further tweets about the issue — and share your thoughts:

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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