Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month And Calls For Decriminalization of Homosexuality In Nations Where It Is Illegal

Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month And Calls For Decriminalization of Homosexuality In Nations Where It Is Illegal
I remember when Obama went to Africa and told some of the leaders that gay rights should be accepted but they chose not to follow his direction.

On Friday, President Donald Trump tweeted out in support of LGBT Pride Month and how homosexuality should be celebrated and decriminalized in countries where it is illegal.

Taylor Swift and Cher, activists for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) have attacked President Trump for his administration’s policies on transgenderism recently.

Cher Tells Her Fans Trump To STRIP LGBTQ Protections And Put Them In INTERNMENT Camps

When Barack Obama sat in the Oval Office, he went against the decades of a military ban on admitting transsexuals and supported removing the ban. President Trump put the ban back in place, reversing Obama’s fundamental transformation. It is hard to hide the fact that Trump has championed gay rights so when we hear Cher tell her Twitter followers that the Commander-in-chief will seek to put LGBT in internment camps, that’s is such a punch in the face.

I am not stupid and I understand the President represents all Americans, not just whichever group is the numerical majority. I am against all discrimination and violence towards homosexuals but there is where I stop. I have always believed it was a choice because I’ve seen individuals switch to be part of that lifestyle and then switch back claiming they were either cured or decided it wasn’t for them. As for transgenders, I do not believe money from taxpayers should go to any surgery or medication to any transformation. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

This declaration by the president celebrating the LGBT agenda in this manner is disappointing since the LGBT activists promote the demise of religious liberty and free speech wherever their nefarious goal– the mainstreaming of sexually deviant behaviors and lifestyles– is implemented.

I remember when Obama went to Africa and told some of the leaders that gay rights should be accepted, but they chose not to follow his direction. Now President Trump makes this declaration, which almost fall in line with what Obama tried. I am confused.

There should be no exclusive “rights” given to homosexuals, transgenders, or anyone else involved in sexually deviant lifestyles. They should enjoy protection from violence done to their life, liberty, and property– but they should not be entitled to any special privileges or rights, nor should their unhealthy lifestyle be promoted among the nation’s youth, but rather discouraged and heteronormativity promoted as the only healthy and life-promoting use of human sexuality.

Taylor Swift Wants Pro-LGBTQ Equality Act Passed In Congress: ‘I Reject the President’s Stance’

Our president had 100% of all Christians especially evangelical Christians leading the support of president Trump. This is not a move that will only cause his supporters doubt. He did not need this announcement and it will only cause him problems. This 2020 election was a sure win in a walk.

God may forgive him but I fear that many Bible reading Christians will have a hard time wondering just how much the LGBT votes is worth versus the votes and support of the Christians in America. Trump just bit the devil’s apple and gave the Democrats the weakness they desperately needed. For two years he did not need this. The Democrats have not a person who can run against him!

Sadly, Trump is very ill-informed, or politically pandering, regarding the sexual perversions movement, which is so destructive of the individuals involved in that lifestyle, family relationships, children, and the culture at large.

I never bought into the God put Trump in power, the voters did, and I voted for Trump for the policies I agreed with, This one is a disappointment that I will never agree with.


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