Dem Rep. Pressley Tells America to Shut Up

Dem Rep. Pressley Tells America to Shut Up
For if they did, they’d recognize the ugly twisted visage of pure racial hatred and spiteful bitterness that emanates Medusa-like from Pressley and her ilk.

By David Kamioner | July 19, 2019

Ayanna Pressley, one of the Dem Four Frosh Furies in the House, doesn’t want you to have an opinion. Not unless you’re the right color, that is. If you disagree with her on that she thinks you shouldn’t even be heard.

As such, she told all Americans recently, “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.”

She apparently gets to decide what an authentic brown or black “voice” is. A white “voice”? Well, no need for that at all.

Behaving as the most ignorant Ku Klux Klan moron would have a century ago, Pressley has totally tied freedom of speech and expression to skin color. But then there really isn’t that much difference between Pressley, her fellow bigoted gorgons, and the Klan, now is there?

Both believe liberties are contingent upon race. Both want to deny basic constitutional rights to people based on pigment. And with the “don’t need” line she has used a phrase that makes anything Donald Trump has ever said look like a Black Panther speech by comparison.

Yup, Pressley is a full-on died-in-the-wool Kluxer, only in a mirror image of a spitting hissing Marxist shrew.

Latins and blacks who have a different opinion, a different “voice,” have no place at the Jim Crow table of Pressley and company. Only if they know their place and always agree with Miss Ayanna should they dare to utter a word.

Because in her world of never-ending ill-tempered victimhood, race takes precedence over everything.

Gone are the dreams of Dr. King, where people are individuals and judged on their character, not their color. It is replaced with a deeply racist vision that requires a color test for opinions. If you’re brown or black you’d better tow the line, or Miss Ayanna’s overseers like Big Nancy will take the whip to you and make you pay for being so uppity.

No one in this world is a unique individual of distinct views and feelings. You are just a color-coded robot, programmed to blindly agree with the masters of the race collective based on preconditioned factors that you have nothing to say about. If you have an independent mind then Pressley and her associated harridans will read you out of the conversation.

You see, we mustn’t have all those brown and black faces, the same faces who are experiencing the lowest unemployment rates in the history of this nation, think, feel, or say anything outside of the hard-left box.

For if they did, they’d recognize the ugly twisted visage of pure racial hatred and spiteful bitterness that emanates Medusa-like from Pressley and her ilk.

Can’t have that and have those faces continue to vote Democrat, now can we?

This piece originally appeared in OpsLens and is used by permission.

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