Four House Republicans Betray President Trump

Four House Republicans Betray President Trump

By David Kamioner | July 18, 2019

Two days ago when the House took a vote on condemning the president’s recent provocative tweet, all the Democrats voted in favor of the measure. This is not surprising, as they are the opposition party, are consistently against free speech, and have difficultly in reading the English language.

What was surprising is that four Republicans, Brian Fitzpatrick of PA, Fred Upton of MI, Will Hurd of TX, and Susan Brooks of IN, have the same learning disability.

If they could somehow overcome their malady and instead embrace common logic they would understand that when someone tells you to go somewhere and then come back they do not intend on you staying at your travel destination. If I ask a pal to go to the store, pick up a bottle of Pappy, and bring it back to consume in convivial pleasure, I doubt they think I mean they should make a home at the liquor store, pitching a tent between the varietals and the cheaper vodkas.

If I am wrong about my assumption of their slow-mindedness, a distinct possibility, then there is only one conclusion left: it is that this Gang of Four, so nice that we now have our own idiots to compete with the Dem Four Frosh Furies, knew full well what the president actually said and meant and fearfully betrayed him anyway. When the political combat commenced, they cowered in their foxholes and soiled themselves.

They voted with and gave aid and succor to an opposition party that will use them like five-dollar hookers. They sided with people who have an active role in the potential destruction of the free market, freedom of speech, and many other freedoms the rest of America holds dear.

On this issue at least, they are rank cowards.

Perhaps they were scared of the press, of the Dems, or of their own shadows. Maybe House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy gave them a pass on the vote, thinking it was going to be passed anyway and that the four didn’t need the heat in their home districts. Possible, but a too-easy out. It could be, given the climate in DC these days, that the Atomic Mole People coerced them into doing it.

Whatever the reason the outcomes will be the same.

The leftist media will make them into temporary darlings and will use their apostasy to beat the president over the head, some of their constituents will feel sold out, and thus they may get primary challenges.

To their detriment this president and the Republican Party, as no doubt do the readers of this column, have long memories. They will recall that when the GOP and Trump needed them to do their bit they ran for cover and scurried to the lukewarm embrace of another party that represents everything they claim to oppose.

Or I guess they only oppose the Dems when it’s easy to do so. When the chips are down, these four can be nowhere to be found.

Fitzpatrick, Upton, Hurd, and Brooks.

Yeah, we’ll remember those names.

This piece originally appeared in OpsLens and is used by permission.

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