Liberal Kathy Griffin Tells the Four Members of the Progressive ‘Squad’: ‘This White Lady Is with You All the Way’

Liberal Kathy Griffin Tells the Four Members of the Progressive ‘Squad’: ‘This White Lady Is with You All the Way’
No surprise that fervent anti-Trumpers in Hollywood are sounding off in this manner

By PopZette Staff | July 18, 2019

Does their hate for this president keep them going?

Leftist comedian and actress Kathy Griffin — who famously collapsed her entertainment career when she held up a fake, bloodied likeness of President Donald Trump’s head in an ill-imagined photo stunt — is now vowing support for the four progressive congresswomen known as the “squad.”

She wrote in a tweet recently, “Hey #thesquad. This white lady is with you all the way.”

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“This is a problem white have to take care of,” she continued. “It is our job and we know we have to do it,” she added oddly.

“We will not let you down because you have to deal with this #RacistPresident.”

This is the same individual, of course, who has spent much of the last three years launching countless anti-Trump missiles on her Twitter feed and elsewhere.

As one person wrote on Twitter about her, “Who is Kathy Griffin? She important for some reason?”

Last November, Griffin managed to receive the Comedian of the Year Award at the Palm Springs Comedy Festival.

Those in charge said they were bestowing that upon her partly for her “comeback” after her infamous photo and video stunt with a mock beheaded likeness of the president.

To see how Griffin took back her then-tearful apology to Trump and his family for what she did, check out the video below:

[video_player type=”jwplay” id=”asf4F6cz” ratio=”landscape” credit=”” crediturl=””]

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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