OUTRAGE: GOP Governor ‘APPLAUDS’ Program Offering Illegal Aliens DEEPLY Discounted College Tuition

OUTRAGE: GOP Governor ‘APPLAUDS’ Program Offering Illegal Aliens DEEPLY Discounted College Tuition
Governor Ducey's support for this program is absolutely unacceptable. One of the main reasons we have an immigration crisis in this country

It’s a sad, sad day in Arizona, as America First citizens discover that their so-called “Republican” governor is actually a globalist in disguise.

Governor Doug Ducey shocked his conservative constituents and Trump supporters all across the country when he threw his support behind a program that offers discounted college tuition for illegal immigrants.

The discounted tuition program offers illegal immigrants in Arizona a discounted rate of $16,500 to attend state universities. Meanwhile, out-of-state Americans who want to attend Arizona state colleges will pay around $30,000.


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Doug Ducey, the alleged Republican governor of the Grand Canyon State, believes that illegal aliens should receive privileges as Arizonans. Arizonans will continue to pay for the rope to hang themselves and they will like it, according to Ducey. Who needs Democrats when Republicans have already turned the state blue?

Last week, the Arizona Board of Regents voted unanimously to offer illegal aliens a discounted tuition rate for attendance at state universities. They set the rate at $16,500, which is $5,500 more than the standard rate in-state residents pay of $11,000, but well under the $30,000 American citizens from other states have to pay. One would expect that the governor would immediately work with the legislature to fix this travesty passed by an unelected body of bureaucrats, especially at a time when illegal immigration needs to be deterred more than ever.

Shockingly, as if he’s trying to pour lighter fluid on the immigration fire at Arizona’s border, Governor Ducey praised the decision earlier this week, according to the Arizona Republic.

In an interview with KJZZ host Mark Brodie, posted online Tuesdaythe Republican leader said he believes that “somebody that graduates from an Arizona high school is an Arizona kid.”

“I congratulate the regents for a first step around this,” Ducey said. “I do believe that if you are here and graduate from an Arizona high school, you should have the same opportunities that anyone else that graduates from Arizona high schools has.”

So, according to Ducey, are the children among the 66 Central Americans who just marched into the Tucson sector on Wednesday deemed “Arizona kids” as well? Well, they haven’t attended high school yet, but once they step foot here, the unelected courts make them go to primary school on the taxpayer dime. Does that make them an Arizonan so they can get a subsidized college education as well? Evidently so. [Conservative Review]

Below is a transcript of Governor Ducey’s interview on the topic with local radio host Steve Goldstein via KJZZ.

Steve Goldstein: I am curious to see what you make of the state Board of Regents [ABOR] decision last week to expand the to discounted tuition rate they have to undocumented Arizona high school graduates

Gov. Ducey:  Well listen, I think someone who graduates from an Arizona High School is an Arizona kid and I want to see them have Arizona opportunities in front of them. So, I congratulate the regents for the first step around this. [But] I do believe [if] you are here and graduate from an Arizona high school you should have the same opportunities [as] anyone else that graduates from an Arizona high school.  

Steve Goldstein: Are you confident that it is legally okay given the initiative Arizona voters passed elections ago? 

Gov. Ducey: We live in a litigious society. I don’t know who is going to bring suit. But it wouldn’t surprise is someone brings suit. I think the regents did a great job. Of course the regents followed the law. Arizona high school graduates don’t leave the state to pursue opportunities.

Steve Goldstein: Alright that’s Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Thank you.

Gov. Ducey: Thank you

Governor Ducey’s support for this program is absolutely unacceptable. One of the main reasons we have an immigration crisis in this country is because of the taxpayer-funded freebies that we continue handing out.

Not only is this a drain on the hard-working American taxpayer, but it also hurts the middle class by creating an influx of foreign workers in the labor market.

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Mr. Ducey is doing his state, citizens, and country no favors by supporting this anti-American program. We urge Mr. Ducey to fall in line with the America First movement and put the needs of Americans citizens first. It’s high time our politicians started respecting our tax dollars and spend our money in a responsible manner, on American citizens.

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