Report: San Francisco Judges Dismiss Local Epidemic of Mentally Ill Homeless People Attacking Citizens

Report: San Francisco Judges Dismiss Local Epidemic of Mentally Ill Homeless People Attacking Citizens
Why is it that liberals will fight tooth and nail for the 'alphabet people,' but not for the safety and dignity of women?

San Francisco is in the grips of a mental health crisis, and now drug-addicted and deranged homeless are attacking people on the streets.

Even worse, liberal judges are refusing to crack down, outright dismissing cases against homeless criminals, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Why is it that liberals will fight tooth and nail for the ‘alphabet people,’ but not for the safety and dignity of women?

The attack of a woman in the doorway of the Watermark condominium building allegedly by a homeless man who said he was trying to save her from robots has sparked outrage, largely because the crime was captured on video. But it wasn’t an isolated incident — not by any stretch.

“We’re hearing it more and more,” said Supervisor Matt Haney, whose district includes the Watermark and the modern art museum. “When people walk outside, they’ve been accosted, assaulted, yelled at. A lot of that falls on my constituents — they’re angry and frustrated about it, and I’m angry and frustrated too.” [SF Chronicle]

HOMELESS CRISIS: Seattle Police Officer Sues City for $10M; Feels Exposure To Cleaning Up After Homeless Caused Illness

Now here’s the part that really grinds my gears. The police can’t do anything about it, because liberal judges are refusing to hold homeless men accountable.

Christine Tamajong, 56, said another terrifying incident happened to her. She said she was walking on South Van Ness Avenue near 14th Street in April when a stranger punched her in the back of the head. She called 911, and an officer responded.

“The officer told me, ‘You can press charges, but the judge will probably drop it. It’s not going to go anywhere,’” she said, adding she opted not to press charges. “Too much hassle, too much paperwork, too much headache. … It’s a beautiful city, but there’s something broken somewhere.”

That’s for sure. Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said he’s heard dozens of stories like these — including multiple incidents of people getting punched in the face by strangers — since taking office in June 2018.

What these homeless men need is to be committed to an asylum that will care for them, try to improve their mental health, and keep them from harming the public. It is NOT compassionate to allow a mentally ill homeless man to sleep on the streets. If your brother was in need of help, would you leave him on the street, or would you get him the mental help he needs? In San Francisco, City Hall is content to let these men rot on the streets.

Mandelman said the task force has “again and again” discussed the idea of a meth sobering center where police could take people they believe are on the drug to rest and sober up. He believes the city needs two or three of these and said he’d gladly accept one in his district. It would remove meth addicts from the streets without clogging hospital beds.

The idea makes a lot of sense, so of course it has gone nowhere. Why not?

“Because everything takes forever,” Mandelman said, visibly frustrated by the inaction that plagues City Hall. Welcome to the club, supervisor.

FLASHBACK: Candidate Trump Says Obama should be tackling mental health issues rather than blaming guns

This is just overall a bad situation, and it is not compassionate to either the mentally ill, or the women, children, and elderly who are potential victims of their madness. It’s high time that men step up to the plate and do the right thing to defend women and children. But in San Francisco, it appears that the men may be too busy staring at their Grindr app on their smartphones:

But one of the most disheartening elements of the crime was that Third Street was bustling with pedestrians on a sunny weekday morning, and not one offered to help Man or asked if she was OK. It seems in San Francisco these days, a woman being assaulted by a deranged man isn’t even worth a second glance. [SF Chronicle]


I believe that, once again, President Trump has a compassionate solution to the problem, and the left is far too weak and unmanly to help solve it:

When shots rang out last year at a high school in Parkland, Florida, leaving 17 people dead, President Donald Trump quickly turned his thoughts to creating more mental institutions.

When back-to-back mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, jolted the nation earlier this month, Trump again spoke of “building new facilities” for the mentally ill as a way to reduce mass shootings.

“We don’t have those institutions anymore and people can’t get proper care,” Trump lamented at a New Hampshire campaign rally not long after the latest shootings. [AP]

It’s time to build more compassionate mental institutions, get the deranged homeless proper care, and make mental health great again.

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