NFL’s Sunday Night Football Ratings Tank

NFL’s Sunday Night Football Ratings Tank
According to the latest ratings analysis, NFL's "Sunday Night Football" experienced a ratings dive.

According to the latest ratings analysis, NFL’s “Sunday Night Football” experienced a ratings dive.

Compared to last week, the “Sunday Night Football” game was down by a whooping 1.3 points.

When compared to last year’s dismal numbers, the ratings were down by 0.9.

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Bad news for the embattled NFL.

SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL had a preliminary 5.3, which was down 1.3 from last week’s early number, and also down 0.9 from 2018’s Week 2 preliminary rating. [Show Buzz Daily]

This dismal news comes on the heels of reports that empty seats outnumbered fans at many stadiums across the country.

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As Week Two of the NFL’s 100th season kicks off, a quick look through social media finds many fans still wondering about all the empty seats as their favorite teams hit the gridiron.
The worst example appeared to be at L.A. Memorial Coliseum where the Rams were battling the visiting New Orleans Saints. Fans flooded social media with questions over the size of the crowd. [Breitbart]

It looks as if the Kaepernic Curse lives on.

Last month, failed former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick urged his former fellow players to continue the social justice garbage that infuriated fans and nearly destroyed the leagues last shred of credibility. He posted pictures of players kneeling and urged players to continue to fight.

Thus far, no players have taken Kaepernick up on his lame call to action. However, given the low ratings and empty seats, the NFL has to be wondering if the damage that Kaepernick and his anti-American stunt unleashed is permanent.

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