Politico Report: Furious Pelosi to Nadler Crew, ‘Back Off Impeachment Before it Backfires’

Politico Report: Furious Pelosi to Nadler Crew, ‘Back Off Impeachment Before it Backfires’
According to the report, there is a "festering feud" between Nadler's side and Pelosi's side over impeachment.

The Democrats decision to move forward with the impeachment investigation has been an epic disaster.

From inviting alpha dog Corey Lewandowski to testify, to pushing ahead with impeachment as new polling shows America flatly rejects it, Democrats are pulling the plug on themselves in a big way, and House Speaker Pelosi is furious.

Pelosi Seeing Red: Incensed Pelosi Says She Would’ve Held Lewandowski in Contempt of Congress 

Pelosi is urging Jerry Nadler and his crew to back off impeachment before it “backfires.”

Uh, too late, lady.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — the leader of the flailing Democratic Party — slammed Jerry Nadler (the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee) for rabidly pushing to impeach President Trump.

In a closed-door meeting, Pelosi said Democrats do not have the votes to move forward with impeachment proceedings, and said the party should back off before the strategy backfires on them. [Bizpacreview]

According to the report, there is a “festering feud” between Nadler’s side and Pelosi’s side over impeachment.

Pelosi has publicly stated that she supports Nadler’s fruitless bid to impeach President Trump. However, aides say Pelosi secretly opposes the move because it’s alienating millions of centrist American voters, who do not support impeachment.

The festering feud between Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler spotlights the growing civil war within the Democratic Party, which is slowly imploding as a huge rift develops between the radical-left faction and the moderate centrists (who make up the majority of the party). [Bizpacreview]

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Rep. Anthony Brindisi was one of several “moderate” Democrats who have raised concerns about impeaching President Trump directly with Pelosi.

“It’s very frustrating for me — someone coming from a district that was one of the districts that helped get us into the majority — having so much focus on things like impeachment or other issues that are divisive,” Brindisi said in an interview. “We should be focusing on kitchen table issues.”

Democrats, particularly in red states, are rightly concerned that full-on impeachment procedures will suck the life out of their campaigns, and they’re right to be concerned. [Bizpacreview]

New polling also spells more bad news for Dems.

A new poll found that even with nearly two-thirds of Congressional Democrats indicating they are in favor of impeaching, only about one-third of Americans agree. That comes out to about 37% of Americans who agree with Democrats.

Meanwhile, impeachment-happy Dems are now pushing to impeach Justice Kavanaugh over a laughable NYT piece that once again accuses Kavanaugh of “sexual misconduct” decades ago, with no proof, no and witnesses.

Dems Push Obstruction: Arizona Senator Facing Major Party Backlash For Supporting President Trump

Senior Dems like Dick Durbin are working overtime to squash this push, saying “get real,” to any liberal thinking they could impeach Kavanaugh.

Senior Democrats are moving quickly to snuff out calls to impeach Brett Kavanaugh, arguing those tactics are unrealistic and politically harmful.

Democrats are already wrestling with whether to try to oust President Donald Trump, and leadership sees little room for the party to take on a second divisive impeachment saga barely a year before the presidential election. So the demands by 2020 presidential contenders to remove the Supreme Court justice, on the heels of new reporting about allegations of sexual misconduct, are getting panned. [Politico]

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